Wednesday, 15 September 2010


This could be me!!!

So, I’ve bitten the bullet, I’m going to the ball, the company one that is. I might be the 'Bell of the ball’; will I need a glass slippers I wonder, 2 of them? I could leave one of them behind; every hobo in the city might be hassled by people wanting them to try on the glass slipper of the mysterious person? It would be funny, but only in my imagination that is, reality would never allow something like that to happen, I guess that’s why it's called reality?
Re-ality, its 2 words, it probably means 'Ality all over again'?

National gallery

So anyways, they are having a company ball thing, in the National gallery, good spot, food, drink and entertainment for $50, how can I go wrong, you'd think, that's what you'd think, cos that’s what I’m thinking. I will get my money's worth, this much I’m sure of!

Bon Scott
I am reminded (by my brain) about the AC/DC song that Bon Scott sang, it goes... 'and we've got the biggest balls of them all'
Walking to work this morning, (spent an hour in the gym too) I passed Rebel sports, and my brain reminded me (thanks again brain) about when I came back to Melbourne from Sydney, I was out walking in the city.

I passed a spruiker outside Rebel sports and it goes like this:
Spruiker: We have basketballs, footballs, cricket balls
Me: How big are your balls?
Spruiker: We have big balls, little balls, come in and feel our balls!!!


As it turned out, the house I moved into a few weeks later was the same house as where the Spruiker resided and he had a name too, he was Jackson, he used to call me 'Subbie', because he thought I should have subtitles, fair enough, I suppose? And not much has changed if Matt Salsbury is to be believed, he reckons he couldn't understand me last Sunday and had to drive me to the train station and get me out of Cranbourne, so I could go back to people that understood me, people?

So, back to Jackson AKA Spruiker AKA My old housemate.

His feet smell was legendary, one night he got a chick back, this was rare! He was playing a David Grey CD; he swore by David Grey when it came to bedding fair maidens, he gets the chick into his room. Great success, nearly there boy!

Jackson's toes must have looked a bit like this

Then, she wanted to leave and bad, I don’t know if Jackson could smell his own feet, but it was REALLY BAD. She left, much to the annoyance of Jackson, she didn't want to see his balls, were they even worth seeing? And I guess life can be like that sometimes, people only want what they can’t have and when they can have it, they don’t want it.

Metallica are going to tear Melbourne a new asshole today and tomorrow!

Anyways, yesterday, for some strange reason, while trying to figure out which Metallica tickets I have, I looked up on the net to see which dates they are playing, to my horror, they are playing today and tomorrow, but I have tickets to the ballet today, The Nutcracker in fact. So I got a ticket for tomorrow, tragedy averted!

The Nutcracker

So I saw Powder finger last Friday in the Rod Laver, going to see The Nutcracker tonight at the Arts theatre, tomorrow Metallica at the Rod Laver, and 2 more Metallica gigs in November, excellente!!

I do suppose you could say I like a lot of different music, here's the proof, I picked up tickets a few weeks ago, the chick was giving me a funny look, I had, Slash, a Tribe called quest, Mary Poppins and I got a ticket for the Eels, just for good measure and something else too?

It made sense to me; you wouldn't want to miss out on anything, now would you? And if anything, from going to the gym, I’ve been missing some shows that have came and went, but you can’t win them all now can you?

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