Thursday, 16 September 2010

Have I become the running man?

The running man
So, I’ve started including running as part of my 'Diet', my fitness diet of course and I was stuck for something to write about, for you, the reader and I thought, well what did you do last night?

Legs with wheels?

Well I did some running after the intensive RPM cycling class, I woke up early this morning and did some more running too, but it was all in the gym of course, the machine was on a 3% incline, much better for your legs, and if you knew my legs, you'd know they need all the help they can get, and they got it, if they had wheels it would be better? But I guess I got to do the best with the cards I’ve been dealt? And I guess that's why I don’t play cards either?

After all my exercise last night, I went home and had nearly a whole bag of Salt and Vinegar chips, heaps of chocolate and it was almost enjoyable eating it, only because I knew there would be no excuses when I woke up, up and ATOM!!

A noble slave owner?
[Brain said] I'm gonna work that a slave owner.

So there is a video (watch it) I saw and I quite like, it's an Electronic music tune by the Utah Saints, called 'The running man', in the video, the guy is running, on the spot, others join in and I’m kinda running on the spot too. Other people run with me too, but it's not so flashy, fun or co-ordinated.
Armand Van Helden
The guy looks like Armand Van Helden, I don’t look a bit like Armand Van Helden, and do you see the similarities yet? No, neither do I? But, if you can see similarities.......well I have been going to the gym? That or you've gained enlightenment, probably thinking about salt and vinegar chips and chocolate?

But let us continue, it's working for me, the ruining that is, if I was to get an iPhone, it would be for one of the training apps you can get, very handy, you might be the most unpopular person in the world, but you'll get really fit and your phone bill will be cheap, sounds good, too good doesn't it?

                                                                             The Nutcracker
So, apart from all this I went to the ballet last night, 'The Nutcracker', a guy I work with told me he did the lighting for the show, a story I believed until I cornered him this morning and showed him the details of the cast and credits, he did not appear, his excuse, he did it in England for them, of course!

For his proof he showed me a picture of himself next to one of the rats, next to the fireplace, satisfied, he did something with the production, I dismissed myself and went about my business, which as usual was about 2/5 of Fu*k all.

No rats were hurt in this production

All in all, a busy day. As Eminem would say 'And that pretty much the gist of it, the parents are pissed but the kids love it.'


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