Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Kieran is hunting for a house mate, could it be you?

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So, this is what seems to be, happening? So, you may or may not know, my housemate Naomi I moving out, the love conquers all, as you might know, before the boyfriend didn't know about living with her, he liked living with his mates, why make things complicated. For gawd's sake?

So, what ever convincing has been done, Naomi is moving out, someone else will be moving in.
So, I see one chick on, she needs a house, I tell her to come around, I put an advert on, I get calls from people, I tell them to come around. I checked my horoscope

If you sit back and expect things just to happen, you are going to miss the boat. Certainly the cosmos can point you in the right direction, yes the movements of the planets and lights can guide you to the best times to do things, but if you do not take action then nothing will happen! Only you have that power, so stay alert for opportunities in your job. For some this may mean a re-location for others a 're-location' of thought and approach - see change as exciting. A fantastic night to network and have some fun.

So, I’m thinking all this housemate thing could be fun, people seem enthusiastic, fun and people want to talk to me! I remember when I used to be house hunting (years ago), after finding somewhere, I kept house hunting, only because it was so much fun, meeting the sometimes hungover people on a Saturday morning.

So, network and fun, eh? I can do that, that's something I could 'apply; myself to, so, I think, since the room wont be available until the 11th, that gives me a full week to 'Do interviews' and all of a sudden the words from Mary Poppins come crashing down, 'If you look for the fun in a job then it's a .....[Google says] 'For every task that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and, Snap! The job's a game'

Game on!!!
One for the road?

 Here you go!!

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