Friday, 17 September 2010

Oh those 'Tallica boys!!!

Them 'Tallica boys were in town, I made it to the 2nd gig. I had an epic night, so I suppose I should share some of those moments with you.

So, 3 days ago I realised Metallica were playing a lot sooner than I though, the first night, I had a ticket for 'The Nutcracker' on Wednesday, so if you buy a ticket, you take the ride. Here's what happened on Thursday.

But first, rewind to Wednesday, lunch time, I dined with Mr Simon, I was just going in to Don Dons, he was cycling, before long we were eating.

Simons he's all grown up now, you can tell, here's the scene at Don Dons, he's trying (in vain) to justify why he wasn't going to go to the gig. He's seen them before, playing the old shit, yada, yada, yeah.

It was all nonsense to me, so I wont bother trying to recall any of it, not here anyways. It's strange how people grow up and become adults, but there you go? Give time, everyone will do it, I guess?
Now, if there is on thing that makes me feel like I’m 16, all over again it's Metallica, and what’s better than seeing Metallica? Metallica + a half a litre of Vodka being processed by your system of course!

So, before the gig, I was at my RPM cycling class. Now, apart from all the strenuous intensive interval cycling that I was doing, the most pressing thing was 'How do I go from the gym and get in a half litre of vodka and not be busted by cops, walking to the those living gods?'

And then it came to me, so I put the plan into action, I first bought the vodka and went to Hungry Jacks, in went and sez I, 'A meal deal and a large Coke please', the chick told me I could only have a medium, I said no, make it a big coke, the manager stepped in to assist her navigate the order console and I got it my way, we were clear for blast off! Outer space here I come!!!

So, munch, munch, big sip of coke, top up the cup with roughly 250 ml's of Vodka and I was in business, hello mean streets and I was off, strolling to see my gods, listening to Jay -Z telling me 'You cant knock the hustle', you sure cant, you got that right!

Anyways I got there, after a leisurely stroll by the Yarra, it's a bit romantic at night, city lights and all, bag search at the gates was non existent, I must have been pretty believable, who would go to the gym and bring alcohol to a gig? Who indeed?

I poured the water out of my gym water container, just to prove to the guys searching, I was 'Straight up' and there wasn't any 'tricks' and in went with a sweet concoction of Vodka and coke in a soft drink container, in my hand of course, it was even better inside when I bought beers and poured them in to the cup and went into the arena, you can bring soft drinks in, no alcohol, everyone else was stopped, I was on top of the world.
In fact the instructor at the gym was telling us to cycle harder and that after wards that feeling would be the best feeling we would have all night, obviously she wasn't going to Metallica, obviously?

So, after Fear Factory (who cares) Metallica took the stage, and I was over the moon. I have proof of this; the evidence is in my camera, about half a gig of pictures and videos. Pure bliss.
Jamez said we'll be back in 6 weeks Melbourne; it's some travelling, to bring all that stage and equipment, to New Zealand, Japan and back. I liked travelling 'light', some job lugging all that stuff, only 42 sleeps left and I get to see it all again and again. I got myself 2 tickets. I cant wait!!!


norabean said...

hi again Kieran .. are you in Oz?? It is nora- living in boston now.. its not as fun as sf. hope you are great! do write again sometime

Simon 5L said...

1) I was in Sydney when the gig was on
2) The gigs i go to are not from has beens from the 80s whose past 4 albums have been forgettable
3) The 1993 gig was one of the best nights of my life, probably just after their prime
4) you really need to get a job where you actually work : )

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