Tuesday, 14 September 2010

So, there was a party, there was also a party in my pants, but that’s another story.

So, Saturday, I was planning on leaving for the party '30 years of being Matt', early, get in a few with Deb, as Deb lives near Matt and make our way there, but instead here's what happened.

Deb was at one of her many birthday parties, so I couldn't go early, now Deb was telling me about all the parties she was going to, buying presents to, this was very apparent when I rested my derrière on her lavatory, for the calendar in front of me had about 20 birthdays for the month of September, ok, ok, I believe it now. I thought it was hard enough remembering my own.

But, the day that was in it, September 11, ah, will I ever forget that day, the day
that Everton lost 2-0 to Liverpool, how I cried!!
So, I was told there was lots of interesting types on the Cranbourne line and as you
probably know, seeing is believing and maybe hearing too. For I heard some young
teenager shout,
Ragga muffin 1: 'Stop looking at her!'
Ragga muffin 2: 'I wasn't looking at her
Ragga muffin 1: 'Stop fackin looking at her!'

Deb told me to get off at Cranbourne, and she told me the stop before Cranbourne, some teenager kept looking around and back at me, so I saw the name 'Merinda Park Station’, which I wrote on an A4 page and got off, at the wrong station.
After waiting for a while I realised, Merinda Park Station was the stop BEFORE where I was supposed to get off, so I got back on the mobile, tragedy averted, I got picked up and rescued from a bleak station.

The hardest part was over; all I had to do now was behave myself and not ruffle any feathers with these country native types, easier said than done, for me.

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