Friday, 10 September 2010

So, when it rains, it pours, as we all know.

So, picture this, I’m minding my own business (a rare occurrence) and i go to the kitchen, for a drop of water, the body demands it, in Melbourne when you drink water, you drink water, in London, when you drink water, your probably drinking processed sewage, yet another reason to avoid London.
In our kitchen, there are newspapers, fruit, coffee, 2 vending machines and the water, a precious liquid in this great country, that is if your not in a community that got torrential rain in the last few days.

It appears getting flooded and your home being destroyed is ok, if the Premier John Brumby says the good outweighs the bad, that is what he said, and that might be hard to fathom when your TV is a bit water logged. Fair enough? What would Mark Twain have said?

So, back to the kitchen, i see an Ad, 2 ticket's $200, so i tear down the ad and go look for the mysterious girl that has these 2 tickets for offer, and i find her, I’m short in money, so i get $10 from Stevie T, i need more, i go to the ATM, down 15 level's, and back, up 15 levels.

You wont get rich by selling a Powderfinger ticket, no matter how hard you try!!
I tell the chick, 'People must think your selling drugs', which they surly must and if she was it was good, maybe she'll get into RAP music and make an album about it, like 50 Cent, 'Good bye office life', would be her battle cry!!

What Steve wants

So, the MC Could be Rapper chick, gave me my change, for the original $10, i got off on Steve, i give him the change. It's not like he wants money, he wants change. Or so i thought, but Steve wants money, and not the monitory change. I promise to give him change, is this the by product of Democracy?

So while i 'm there , standing next to him, he sends me a mail, from level 15, to level 14, through 'Cyberspace', or as some American politician called it, 'A series of tubes', and he would know, he was born in a 'tube'.

Anyways, i have my tickets, Steve wants his money, i plan on selling the spare ticket for $150, and get me myself to the last ever concert of Powder finger, in Melbourne, tomorrow.
Steve's mail said i want a note, i reply to his mail with a picture of a note, it was a fair swop, do you hear me complaining?

This guy started off in a tube

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Janet said...

Kieran you're hilarious. I hardly understood anything in that post...and I'm an English teacher lol!!! x

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