Monday, 20 September 2010

Up da Rebels !!!!!

The Cork football team take to the field

I started talking to a fella watching the Cork Down game last night, Cork won, it was an EPIC game too, the people i've met from the north are great people you'll meet.

Sez I: So, what happened to your hand?
Sez the boy from Tyrone: I broke it off of a bouncers head last Sunday night

It was all a laugh and a joke to him some bouncer got stuck in his mate, so he got stuck in one of the bouncers. Luckily for him the bouncer wasn't very good at fighting.
I asked him what his boss thought. He said, my boss is from Derry, he thought it was hilarious, he told me he'd be out of action for 4 weeks. I had to laugh all the same.

So, the weekend started on Wednesday, ballet, The Nutcracker, then Metallica on Thursday, but you know all about that, Friday I met up with the Eagle and the 'Red one', the 'Red one' being Dave of course, dinner and drinks at Dave's place then we went out, out, out, to some band place where I used to live in Richmond and then ended up in Revolver.

The bouncer going into Revolver going in asked us:
Bouncer: 'What’s wrong with this scene?'
Me: There are no chicks
Bouncer: Go and get some chicks and then you can come in

We went off to another bar and came back when that closed, to Revolver minus the chicks
Bouncer: Where are you from?
Us: Ireland and Australia
Bouncer: We've had a lot of trouble with fellas from Ireland; tell me why I should let you in.
Me: I live in Fitzroy, he lives in Richmond
Bouncer: In you go

Note to reader: People in Fitzroy would nearly cut their arm off before they would venture to Prahran (where we were)

Great success!!

The Nutcracker/Metallica tendencies combination seems to intrigue people. One of the guys at the gym was telling me of a guy that he worked with at a call centre, he told me this.
'I once worked with a guy that was a full on head banger that was also a professional tap dancer and he sung for a very serious choir', now that makes my Metal ballet tastes seem bland, to say the least.
Continuing, so, as I do, on a Saturday, I got out of bed, my own and went for a stroll, out looking for hope, like the guy I once met in St Germaine in Paris, as I like to think, he was out looking for hope too, I saw my name in Japanese last week, it means
'The connection to prosperity and hope', very nice or so it seems?

So, Saturday, after scoring some business shirts in an opportunity shop, I made my way to Abbotsford, on the lure of 'free beer' to meet Dave to catch up. I got lost on the way, confused more than lost; it is hard to get lost in that area, I was hung over though.

True to Dave's promise, I got some free drinks, but they weren't free, Dave runs a tab, they went on that tab.

Now, not this kind of pool

Now, Dave rates himself as a pool player, the 3rd best in Collingwood, he was telling me about a guy that comes in a plays him for money. The previous week game was $1000, cash.

The guy put the money in a pint glass and said, 'Come on yea cunt', Dave played him and won, I had to laugh, the guy came in again, while I was there, they played again, Dave lost, but the funny thing was they were both REALLY crap, crap beyond belief, why you would play for money when you play like a monkey is anyone’s guess?

So, after a few Yagers and beers, I was feeling better, pizza's were ordered, I had some of that too and it was home time, costume change for me and off out to watch the Bulldogs V St Kilda AFL game in the Derby.


The Bulldogs played for 1 quarter, as you might be aware, the game is made up of 4 quarters, if you don’t play for all the quarters, you lose. Was it a sporting issue or a mathematical one? It was hard to tell? They could have been really bad at their sums?

The bulldogs lost, bye bye Bulldogs, and you should never have got to the Semi final anyways. I said to some guy, 'Julia Gillard will be pissed off now, she'll probably go and press all the buttons', (The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is a big Bulldogs fan)


Some guy said Julia Gillard can fu*k off', which she probably could have, when you think of it?
Geelong lost their game too, Metallica were waiting for them in their dressing room, not bad, I would have been over the moon.

I was talking to a trainer in the gym over the weekend, his mate was given an ESP guitar by Metallica, he showed me photos, his mate was the guy that promoted the show. He showed me the photos on his iPhone; some people have all the luck?

Anyways, your probably wondering, 'What was the point of reading any of that? What indeed? Read my friend Janet's post instead

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Janet said...

Go on the rebels!! Did you see the song they were all singing? Pretty hilarious!

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