Monday, 27 September 2010

We didn't pay $40 to be on a floating Revolver!

Photos are from the Screw boat party

Well I did, and in fact, I didn't pay anything, I got a free ticket off of the DJ, Luke Mc D, not that I knew it would turn out like Revolver, but it did, it very well did indeed.
So, let me start at the start, so, lets start with Friday night, there was talk of going out, I just finished in the Gym, I was going home, then before long I was on my way to Burnley to Dave's place, to get off at a train station, I used to live near, that I never got off at? For I used to live in Burnley, many moons ago. But now, I think I should have investigated that commuter route a little bit more, in those days that is, I know better now, moving on.

DJ Luke Mc D

So, I stopped off at a bottle shop, Vodka and coke (a-cola) being the necessary ingredients for what I had in mind, it was get a few in and go out, out being some bar around the corner from Dave (that used to be my hood, should I throw in a 'hood' joke? Something about circumcision maybe?)
We go from there to another place, then it's to the Great Britain bar, a few drinks, some chick liked my scarf, I liked hers, we swopped scarfs, she wanted her scarf back by the end, the 'Evil me' in the back of my mind said 'Fat chance of that lady', just as we were all leaving, I asked a bar chick if they still had the downstairs club, she said yes, so we went downstairs for a look and there was a bit of a party going on. So we stayed there, why not?
So, as you can imagine, on Saturday, was a bit (very) hung over, I was going to go to St Kilda to see the game with the Dave and the Eagle, but after having coffee on Brunswick St and getting my necklace I got in Bolivia from my Shaman Tulassi, fixed for the 4th time by Nina in the Fitzroy Market, I gave up and settled for going to the Royal Derby to watch the Grand Final game and I wasn't disappointed either.

When I was walking or just making my way to Brunswick St I met a guy that's always hanging out and drinking beer, he said to me, 'I wouldn't like to be a cop or work in a bar today', 2 minutes later I see 3 guys fall out of a taxi and fighting between themselves, pretty drunk, one was wearing shorts and sandals, so he had got that drunk that morning and not the night before, as you would probably expect, so it was on already, I checked the time, it was 11.30am.

The crazy guy could have probably added 'Taxi drivers' to his list of his profession to be avoided in Grand Final day.
By the time the game ended, I knew a fair few people around me, promises were made to see each other next week, same time same place, I meant to get one chicks number, she lived in Zone 1, her friend lived in Zone 3, I told her friend that Zone 3 was not an option, I was just going to ask people what zone they lived in, before continuing conversation. It was a laugh, everyone was buying jugs of beer, and everyone was giving you some beer. The game ended, a draw, who could have predicted that?

I put $10 on a St Kilda win; I only did this when I heard the St Kilda captain was booed while trying to give a speech in the city on Friday, during the parade. Not that he would of said anything intelligent anyways, but when you have Collingwood supporters that are mostly 'Bogan', what do you expect?

One chick I talked to bet on a draw, she won $350, another I read about put $900 on a draw, he won $45,000, not a bad day’s work?
After the game, the plan was to get a tram to the boat cruise, I got a free ticket and before long we were off, cruising around the harbour, electronic music pumping, after the cruise there was a party bus to take us to the Lounge.

At one point I met 2 Lesbian Lawyers, at one point a chick came around giving out snacks in her underwear, the Lesbians got very offended, strange I though? How could you possibly be Australian and get offended by something like that? It begged belief.
Later they had a double decker bus to take people to the after party, after an epic night, I had to cut the party off and head home, many phone numbers were swopped, more promises were made, it was sleep time, the party was on pause, but only for a few hours.

When I woke up, there was nothing of it, but to go down the street, looking for hope, first pit stop, Gypsy bar, and a bloody Mary with Olivia, my long running 'date' on a Sunday morning, I thing she likes them more that me, but how can you say no? It was sunny, a guy rocked up and played classical tunes on a guitar that I knew (from when I was 16) the sun was out, everybody had their happy faces on.

Later, it was time to go home, I went through the Edinburgh gardens, 'Looking for hope', inspired by the time when I met a guy in Paris in St Germain, on the same quest, he found the hope in me, I found it with a kiwi , a Scottish guy and a Welsh chick.

Lots of groups were in the park, having beers with friends, summer is coming and how could you be disappointed with that? Everyday, you can wake up in the sunshine in this great country.
So, after a few beers, hope was installed in my world, but not in my bank account, I spent a fortune having maybe too much fun.

At one point I brought up 'Salt and Vinegar', chips and the conversation became very animated all of a sudden, it was hilarious to see people get all of a sudden 'Animated', later more people rocked up and conversation turned to 2 species of birds, and I thought, this is the last thing I though I’d be listening to, it was a world away from what ever was going through my mind previously. Maybe there is hope for everybody, after all?

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Janet said...

Good weekend then yea? lol Sounds like a mad one! 2 lesbian lawyers?! Poeple drunk at 11am? Loves it! x

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