Monday, 13 September 2010

What you've been waiting for...

So, when you last joined me, the delima that was facing me, was how I was going to get rid of a ticket to Powder finger, the spare one, 2 for $200 the sign I ripped down in the kitchen said, 1+ 1 is...., well, you know.

So, I didn't bring my gym bag on Friday, I thought people would be going for a drink, somewhere, in fact plenty of people were drinking, but not the people I know.

The Killers

So, after ringing everyone I knew, everyone was broke or didn't want to go. I rang Jessica that I met in Mexico, Tequila in fact, she remembers me terrorising herself and her doppelganger that day, I also met Jessica in Buenos Aires, with the Doppelganger, and again at the Killers concert at the Future festival, minus the Doppelganger, whose real name is Prude, I recall that much anyways.


'If you go to South America girls, 2 things will happen, you'll stub your toe....and you'll get mugged'
Apparently this was the advice I gave them, and it turned out to be true, 30 minutes after stubbing their toe, they got mugged and they did say 'Well, at least we didn't get mugged', they got mugged and then they saw that I was in Buenos Aires, so I bought them beers and we had a laugh.

So, I send out a message to all people on Level 14 and 15, but now I think I sent it to the Level 14 and 15 printers, handy if I ever need to do something like that, if I wanted to do that I would never have been able.
So Powder finger were awesome, after a interlude, they reappeared at the back of the arena, and played a few songs there, before going back to the big stage, I knew all but 1 or 2 songs, very enjoyable, if I wasn't going to Salsbursy's '30 years of being Matt' I would have went again on Saturday night.
So, back to the ticket, I was trying to get rid of it and not lose too much money. I had it on gumtree, for a ransom of $150, didn't get any calls, probably due to the fact the gig wasn't sold out, and tickets were about $100, so I’m talking Tidal, on level 15 and I ask a guy I met last week if he wants it, he says 'I think Steve likes them, I’ll ask him'
When in doubt, ring your girlfriend
The guy Steve rings his girlfriend (for 2 points?), conversation (as you'd expect ensues), he says about 4 times, 'So you want to go' and looks at me, and eyes are rolling. Eventually he says, 'I'll take it', my problems are answered, which was good because when I got there, some other guy was trying to sell his ticket, probably at a loss, boo hoo to that!!
So what to do? I had time to kill, now the pressure was off, but I didn't want to do too much damage by drinking, to the 'old brain cells', so I went to the gym, where else? To the sauna in fact, very handy, if you’re in the city, rent a towel, go for a sauna or have a shower, they have sleep pods too.

Since I rarely have showers at home and my housemate is rarely there, we are only using 95 litres of water per day, which it would seem, is what is recommended if one person lives there.

I read once a Somalia farmers use 2 litres of water per day, so 95 litres per day doesn't sound too hot now?
Later I’m going home, after a perfect night, the plan was to get home, sleep and go to the party (way out East, in a place called Cranbourne)

I meet some 3 Dubs on the tram, conversation ensues on the tram, and the chick Rose says to me
'Ta alan daoine dubh anseo'
Which translates to, 'There are a lot of black people here', which there was, a very accurate observation.

I tell them about the Pogues cover band, Streams of Whiskey, it's a song too, here are the lyrics, since they were going to a place with a huge queue outside, they decided to come too and see the band, free band and they loved it!

The Chick Rose, went up on stage, to exemplify her tambourine skills, until she got kicked off, not before he boyfriend Ro said to his mate, 'Dave, record the sh*t out of that, which he did, it was pretty funny, drunk chick from Dublin, tambourine in hand with a Pogues cover band.
So, the Irish contingent, born in Australia, but were very much Dubs, were telling me they were in receipt of Centre link and going to college, very handy indeed, too easy, they grew up on the same road, in Dublin, met in college, both were Aussies (with very Dublin accents) and came out West or East, depending which way the pilot too?
I decide to cut the party off after the gig, sleep, wake up and go to the gym, anything else could have been a downer, I already had a great night and there was no point in not being able to remember a perfect night.

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