Friday, 15 October 2010

Chirpy chirp, cheap cheap!!!

So, I wake up, go to relieve myself, outside dunny.........

(Note to reader:
Now since my house mate has moved out, I’m the king of the castle and I can do what I like, and what do I like doing? Why, pissing in the garden, of course!! I was going to add something about having 2 Dragons to the Castle bit, but why bother; it wouldn't even be funny, now would it?)
Back into bed again, and then the birds started chirping, it was a veritable orchestra going on outside, so I got out of bed and made tracks, for the gym, which lead to my next dilemma, which was? What the feck was I going to do there?

So, when pressed with the responsibility of deciding, I did what I always do, in situations of doubt and I let someone else decide for me.
Some guy, that looked like he knew what he was doing (I still didn't know what I was doing, it was probably 6.15am) said, do V-Punch, so I did that, after 1.5 hours in the gym, absolutely fecked, I departed, on schedule and on time for a meeting I was scheduled to attend, that I seriously doubted I would make for 8.30am, it's still very early and I was beginning to feel like I had a good days work put in already!

Oh, how things have changed in my word, changed indeed, could the 'No booze' rule have anything to do with this people?

But first I stop to talk to receptionist Sarah, I noticed on the way in Sarah was incredibly hung over, and she had a stamp on her hand, from the night before, which I pointed out, and then I have to sing a Led Belly verse, 'My girl, my girl, don’t you lie to me, tell me where did yea spend last night?'

Sarah, lost her purse, got drunk, didn't know where she went, but woke up in her own bed, it's not much, but at least it's a start, I guess?

On the way out of the Gym, she looked somewhat alive, probably breathing, but I’m not doctor? Mouth to mouth resuscitation? I'd give it a go, but I’m not guarenteeing anything, I’m no Saint....yet, but that's no reason NOT to prey to me or for me, ok?

The doctor

If it feel's good, do it, it's a rule I’ve lived by and look where I am, on the 15th level of a building, on a Friday evening sending out the good word to the masses, my scripture's, cos I only do it for my Gigga's!!

Well, Sarah, is looking for somewhere, somewhere to live soon, she tells me to come round to her joint and take all the stuff she is trying to get rid of, she even has a tin opener, which is perfect, coz, I have tins and time, but no tin opener, all you have to do in this country is tell people what your looking for and you'll get it for free, usually.

So anyways, this is hope, you can utilise your arms and legs, but hope give's you the courage to continue.
And it continues......

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