Sunday, 24 October 2010

Has Kieran entered adult hood?

So, yesterday, being Saturday, I woke up, I find this a good start to any day, yesterday not being any day, I say, it was, in fact, ‘Day 20, no beer for Kieran, or any other kind of sweet nectar, ingredients to fabricate all those 'Bad chemicals' in my brain and bring out the 'Slim shady in me', but that another story.

Maybe there's a Slim Shady in everyone? Me? Defiantly!!

Then I got out of bed, which is where I was lying and I’m not lying, there was a plan, well a bit of a plan, to get me a fridge freezer, to put my juice in, so it would be cold and I could be happier (is this evidence of multi tasking?'

But first I went for coffee, this didn't make sense, it was raining and I had coffee at home and a $20 coffee machine, that I bought (with my own money), but as I thought later.
'It's the journey that I like, I don’t want to get there, I like going there, I like the quest of going for coffee, breakfast in bed would never do for me, I would like to be the kind of guy, in this life and next, jumping out of bed and chasing that sausage down the road' Er..I’ll probably leave that to the next life, if it ever comes around?


So before long, I’m off in search of these places that sell fridges, first stop Gertrude St, Fitzroy, before I get there, I stop to rub a Stiffies terrier belly, I like it myself reader, I wouldn't mind being a Staffie terrier chasing a sausage down the road and god knows, that Stiffies needed a bit of exercise, but she was a good shape for rolling, it almost sounds like the Stiffies had a built in design feature?

Dave calls me, I’m rubbing a belly (not mine, not yet anyways) and talking to a man with a defective gene (more evidence of multi tasking?) and conversation ensues and stories of the night that was, the night before, I’m recanting all the lost love stories, and the behaviour of, one eagle and one red one (the red one being the man with the defective gene, Dave)

The lads, did a fair job of trying to be too obvious, about.....? About? About, wanting casual romantic encounters with any chick that happened to be near or far and succeeded in chasing them from one side of the party to the next, this was my perspective, only as I was the sober one. Funny, until I’m talking to someone and Dave hovers in and she runs for cover too, now it's not so funny, not to me, anymore.

Enter stage left, James, from Greensbourgh, he seemed like a smart fellow, and he was looking/hunting for alcohol, in the washing machine, if you don’t mind? I was reminded of Simo in Sydney, he would hide beer in the washing machine at parties, so as it wouldn't be stolen, no one ever looks in the washing machine, then it turns out, James though the washing machine was a fridge? Better luck next time, James, maybe he had too much to drink?

James was telling me, he was nervous, nervous about some chick he was seeing the next night on a date, but to get rid of the nerves, how? He picked up some chick that night that he never wanted to see again, I saw him the next day on Brunswick St; he looked like he wanted to see me again? Should I have been nervous? 

And he was looking very relaxed with himself; he was looking forward to the date, but very chilled out. You wouldn’t want any 'hot lead' explosions going off unrepentantly, or a cold war stand off, all over again? Nice, someone's been reading up on their history, you don’t want things repeating, or even a few copy and paste error + copy and paste error.

Other moments, included, James twirling the Hills hoist, washing line, good idea, there were bottles hanging from the washing line, his mate got a bottle on the side of the head, maybe not such a good idea?

Hills hoist

We got a taxi home, the eagle needed a bathroom, I let him use mine, it was a bit reminiscent of the first American Pie, where the guy has the laxative put in his drink, Dave opens the door, the Eagle before long is swearing revenge, like you'd expect any 10 year old to do, not bad for a 26 year old Sydney guy?

Anyways I got a fridge yesterday Saturday, it was $320, I got it for $300 in Northcote after going for a stroll down the road and coming back an hour later, after I bought it a guy came in, he wanted it too, on the way out he wanted to know how much I paid, I should have told him $200, for a laugh, it could have been the same as the Crazy Scottish woman arguing over 50 cents in lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

She didn't want to pay full price, it was probably like $2, just to wind her up, I told her I paid a low price, if I said a lower price, she might have killed someone for over charging her 50 cents, and myself and Aussie Brian were in hysterics.

So anyways, I got a fridge, I sent a text to Brian telling him I’d fill the fridge with beer if he comes and drinks it, Brian responds 'You cheeky cunt, fill it with good beer and I’ll consider it'

This of course is in reference to when I went to his place and drank (a lot of his beer), it didn't go down well (the beer went down a treat!!).

And the El Crazy woman told us we would be 'Life long friends'? I hope Brian comes to drink the beer, if my Saintly lie style continues, I will soon be able to turn water into wine, I hope Merlot, is to everyone’s taste? And it could be game on again? Time will tell!!

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