Sunday, 17 October 2010

It was all a dream.......or maybe not?

Los douze Amigas de Tiquela

There are only 2 stories, a man comes to town, a man leaves town. Plus, a chick gets off a tram, I recognise her, so I get off too. And here's what happened, yesterday.

I spot a chick, a chick I met in Tequila, Mexico, get oft a tram, with what looked like her mom, so I get off too, turns out it wasn't her mom at all, so mom that wasn't meant to be, walks the other way. Bye bye now, mom (that looks very like Jessica). And the people i'm now hot on the trail, veer right, i go right, right?

A big shout out, and they turn around, who? But Jessica and Bru, of course, and hey presto, we are like the 3 amigos, walking down Collins st, the Paris side, i'm on my was to see Cassie, which is funny, cos when i'm at the intersection of Elizabeth st and Collins, i say, 'Do you want ot come for a drink to E55' to the girls, Jessica says ok, and looks at Pru, Bru says 'I'm easy', i say 'She's easy like a Sunday morning, we might have to wait a few hours?', Cassie is standing behind me, and as she said later, 'i was thinking, oh, no Kieran is heckling girls at the traffic light's', which is kinda right, except these girls were experienced when i came to me, apparently i terrorised them in that memorable day, in Tequila.

The word Tequila, means, 'Black rock that cuts your feet', there is a volcano, there, it used to spew up a black molten lava, and when it cooled down? It was sharp as a razor blade, hence the name, the name the indigenous people gave it. Tequila.

Myself and Jessica at the Kilers concert

One of the little anecdotes, the girls were kind enough to share entailed, 'we were going to get the bus and Kieran disappeared, he came back later eating a big tub of Yogurt, (with yogurt on my shirt) we said '
Kieran, where did you get the yogurt?
Kieran says,
I dunno?
 I keep eating and disappear, which is funny, because I think I had about 16 tequila shots that day, I think I tried any/all shots I was given on that tour and then we came back to the hostel and had a lash of rum.

So, if you’ve been following this rant for a bit, you might know I met the girls again in Buenos Aires, after they got mugged, one of them stubbed their toe, (I don’t remember sharing this advice) but I apparently told them,
'Girls, 2 things will happen to you in South America, you'll stub your toe and you'll get mugged'
And......30 minutes later they got mugged, now they laugh.

I met them in Buenos Aires, after they got mugged, bought them beers and had a laugh. I met Jessica at the Future festival, Armin Van Helden was rubbish and doing plenty of 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie' bogan chants.
I met Jessica, she saw me, she said
'Kieran, you hanging out by yourself'
Or the like. Then I met Jessica in Bimbos, for my birthday', un scheduled, of course. Then again maybe on Brunswick St, and yesterday. They told me they were on Brunswick St, thinking, 'Where is he?' How funny? Maybe I’m supposed to get one of them knocked up or something?

Peek a boo, i see you!!!

Cruel fate, is this my destiny? Is this supposed to be? What am I to do here?
And all the time Bru looked very confused. Maybe it was all a dream….i used to read work up magazine….

I would have included a photo from Cassie, but she deleted me for commenting on her profile. ages ago
I mean, if you dont log out of your account and someone puts a funny (to me) status update for you, and someone like me (i'm someone like me) comments on it.

Well, it's hardly my fault now, is it?

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