Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It was the day of the sun.....and all i could come up with was this

The sun

"I haven’t got much to report, but if practice makes perfect, then it might be important to do something, not like I was doing anything important before, before what? Where do we start, where do I start? Well, since I last left you, I had work on a Sunday, and would you believe it, it was Sunny, Halleuajh!! 

The day of the Sun and it was sunny, it was like something was prophesised, and all you had to do was be outside or near a window to enjoy it, which would make sense. What didn't make sense was me being at work, but what made sense was me leaving work, the first chance I had and then it was on, and then I was in business."

Old map of the Southern Hemisphere, i'm lost, where am i?

When I did leave/sneak out, only to take a good look at the reason of why I’m on this side of the hemisphere, I stopped off at the TAB (maybe it's bookies to you or Bookmakers to one and all?), only to check you $3 mystery bet trifecter bet I made on the Cox cup, low and behold, I won $26, it was shaping up to be a great day after all. Free coffee, good food, paid and out the gap missus and off to the park and off I went.

"So, I get a text message off of neighbour Steward, he's leaving the park, he's had enough, drank all his beers, I'm still off of the beers, I'm like a new man (minus the newly acquired religious fascination) but I spout it to the masses when I see them drinking, 'Oh repent ye sinners, and turn your mortal souls towards the light of our Lord, his light is like a beacon...' and I get a flash back of the Metallica song, 
'And it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of you tunnel, is just a train, coming your way'

Since I don’t know much about trains, I’ll stop there, since I don’t know much in general, I’ll continue, keep reading, ye pilgrims and sinners. So, I meet Steward and Amy coming out of the park, he tells”

The park was going off, a band was playing and the council was there, to stop the band playing, they were a regular ‘Hell’s angles’ of 2010, sticking a knife in the back of the heart and soul of the place. Have you seen the Stones documentary, 'Gimme shelter?

Rules are the rules, they sure are and unfortunately, the people that make rules are so out of touch of what goes on in the place, it’s easier for them to try and shut everything down, if people never left their houses, there wouldn’t be any trouble on the streets, now would there.

Domestic incidents might spike on some fellas graph, and he might scratch his head, a bald one, dandruff might sprinkle into his coffee, he might injest the coffee, not the way Jim Stynes ingested in his little documentary, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it?

Now, what were we on about again?

Sunset, nice touch, (there could be a Powder reference here, but no,) nice, eh?

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