Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No more alcohol...until further notice...

Fred Negro had a good weekend too, he's the highlight of my Wednesday, in my week (i get this in the inpress free magazine) It's always a good start to the day!!!

So, after my bonkers weekend, I've sworn myself off of booze, for the next month. Ron at work said, (when he was told of this great apparition). What about Melbourne Cup?

Melbourne cup is on in a month, back dated to the day I went off alcohol, or it went off me? The bottle of Vodka defiantly wasn't a good idea, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. After reading Fred Negro's strip, comic that is, and he probably stripped too.

I celebrated on the weekend, just like Fred Negro and if I do it again, I’ll be rooted, but not like Fred Negro, he'll just do a comic strip (probably with his clothes on) and he'll get love and adoration from all around and I’m pretty sure he lives in St Kilda too, funny that, since St Kilda were beaten by Collingwood. St Kilda is where I was going too, but I stopped off in Middle park, for a BBQ, needless to say I might never go back to Middle park ever again, invited or otherwise and I’m not betting on either.

I'm reminded of when Keith Richards was asked about his heroine possession charge in the 60's, he said 'We'll probably write a song about it and make a million dollars', good one Keith, not that I’ll make that much, but I’m hopeful for sure, is this 'Hope we can believe in?', I sure hope so!

But what I did bet on, (are you still thinking about betting?) was St Kilda, I went into the TAB and showed the girl last weeks betting slip and said 'Same again luv', while I was on the blower to Davie Noonan, the chick in the betting office couldn’t get last weeks bet of St Kilda to win by 14 to 25 points at full time, instead she got St Kilda to be up by 14 points by half time, 'I'll take it' I said and off out the door I went, happily knowing it was the wrong move, it was a wrong move of many, but 'Such as life' as any outlaw in this country will tell you and now I’m telling you, listen up.

But back to Davie Noonan, I called him, he said I’ll call you back, when he eventually did, 'I said I was thinking of you when I was holding my cock, I though, that fucker just told me to piss off in a polite way, but in fact you didn't, you actually meant you'd call me back'

It's Korean, and it's absolutly wrong (well kind of)
And he did, good to his word, he's training for a marathon, on booze for him, do it will be like I’m training for a marathon too and looking for a housemate, mate.

So after a crazy Saturday, roll n Sunday and the only thing for it was to go see Olivia in Gypsy for Bloody Marys, meet the South Americanos, listened to the amazing classical music in the sun, went, Waterford Dave rocks up, we go to the Edinburgh gardens, looking for hope and rays of sunlight, it was Sunday after all and if you’re in for a penny, your in for a pound.

The South Americano's came up, we partied on, I partied on.
Roll on Monday and I hear stories from people, who are they about? About a boy, the boy? Guess? So, now I’m sworn off the booze, and that’s fine, I want a challenge anyways, it's summer time, the living is easy and I should save for a rainy day, or just Japan (one month of).

Korean too...... you know what i mean
My work has a no drinking policy, no hungover policy, no getting drunk policy, and surprisingly no going to company dinner parties so loaded on Vodka and coke, you don’t know your drunk and you think everybody is crazy.
So, I’m going to be ultra good from here on in. Souts honour!!

Let me tell you about the boys from South America, they are house mates, ne of them is getting married, who to you say? To his housemates ex-girlfriend!!

Oh, how we laughed, Por que no?

The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum.

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