Monday, 11 October 2010

(The) Queen is dead; long live the King (Unique)!!!

Photo's are from the group that did the show on Friday night

So, the bar was set, and since I’ve done it before, I was going to do it again. What, what do you say? You couldn't have thought you'd invented masturbation a second time, could you? Could he? Could anybody? What am I talking about, the Commonwealth games maybe, high jump?

No, no, and triple no, to you, let me explain, as you know I went a 'bit' bonkers last week on the old 'Alcohol', so this week, I’m off the demon drink, Vodka? 'It's saliva of the devil' I say, you don’t know what force's your unleashing when you put that sweet, sweet nectar near you lips, ohhh, I can just taste it now, hmmmm, and all the bad chemicals that make you feel like a million of these babies $$$$$$$ come floating into your head!!! Oh baby, I’m going now!!!

So, the Friday night in question started off with meeting up with Dave to see this crew , truth be told, we just thought it was some 'free thing' in the park, little did we know it was something we would have paid for, it was unreal, at one point I got a telephone call, so while trying to tell some guy asking questions about the room, I’m saying, 'I cant hear you, call back later', one member of the group did a bungee from the platform over 100 feet in the air.

'I caught him......... out of the corner of my eye and I don’t even consider myself a hero, 'FU$K', the joys of life when your housemate moves out, you advertise a room and all sorts of people call you, but never when you want them to call you!

That guy that called me, didn't call back, which was good, coz we were off to a bad start, I had him already 'classified' in my brain and I had already begun emotional divorce proceedings against him, as the Eagle said yesterday 'I put his number out', I sure did, moving on.....

So, it was off on a little tour of the many bars of Melbourne with Dave, very nice, very nice, I like what they did here, the laneways, usually reserved for bins, bin men, rats, stencils of rats, painted over stencils of rats, do you know 'Rat' is an acronym for 'Art', well Banksy didn't when he first started doing it, but now that he now knows this, he's happy people though he knew that, clever eh?

Banksy's work in San Francisco

It was slowly approaching time, the time, time to head to 'Brown Alley' to see one of my favourite DJ's, King Unique, but first I went to Mc Donald’s with Dave, he had the munchies, without the THC in his system or was he just hungry?

In Mc Donald’s, there was a cop (Cop is also an Acronym for 'Poc' and 'Opc', which doesn't really mean much, but that's cops for yea, I guess?) response unit, or in layman’s terms 'The Cops' that are 'Up for a bit of action', with more gadgets than Batman swinging off of their belts.
I was chatting to a guy holding a bottle of cedar, he didn't seem to know the boys in blue, not more than 30 feet away could arrest him for this sweet nectar in his container, he explained he just wanted to have a 'bit of a drink before he went out', they must of turned a blind eye to him, there was probably real action to had out there and not some half drunk raver, raving to me in Mc Donald’s and of the Cops went , lights and siren going!!

Mc Donald’s, the year is 2010, now a lot must of changed in the world, now that you can go in to a place where people would have frowned on and swipe your credit card, like the fast airport check in and skip all the queuing, is this conclusive proof that I’m getting old? Older? Something, another thing that's hard to believe is the price, mc Donald’s is no longer a cheapie option, you find yourself considering if you 'really' are hungry, or is it a passing fad?

Much like leg warmers of the 80's, but let us never talk of that decade again, I’m just glad I wasn't born in that decade, I have no attachment to it, but I digress.
As far as I’m concerned people just didn’t have sex in that decade, which is fine by me!
It was slowly emproaching, the time to see one of my favourite DJ's, all I had to do was part with $60, for a unique experience, beats and all and I would feel like a King! Not many DJ's are very proficient on the old head banging either.

(queue the queen)

Which would lead one in believing that that young man once would occupy himself in viewing a television show called,  Head bangers ball, I do believe?
(Nuff of the Queen)

'Remember the future, never look back'
Is what Matt's t-shirt said and after my week and last weekend, this made a lot of sense to me, I was going to look forward and not look back. And the tunes were BANGING, absolutely, they were all his style, I loved it, so too did anyone that was there, all the other DJ's played the kind of stuff you'll hear other DJ's play, this stuff was worth paying for.

Did I tell you, no alcohol or substances were consumed either? Nope, I’m on Octobfast, going home at 5.30am, walking, I spotted a young reveller getting let out of the drunk tank, slightly dazed and confused and pulling out his rap sheet trying to figure out how he got there, the dangers of alcohol? I believe it, am I reformed? Is the tiger back in the cage? I don’t know, but I had a blast and it turned out to be a 'relatively' cheapish night, probably spent $80.

What about a beauty Queen?
Sunday, hanging out on Brunswick St, I got a text from the guy I offended (I kinda went a bit mad at his BBQ, too much Vodka and sun in my system) last week, he accepts my apologies, he'll be in touch. Wow, I never though he would, so I shouted up at the sky, 'As god is my witness, I’ll remain sober until Melbourne cup', as a ton of people waked past.

How many kinda Queens are there?
I have been redeemed, just like Johnny Cash, a crazy Scottish woman in Bolivia told us we would be life long friends, now I’m beginning to believe her, maybe she was onto something?

What a weekend, everything has been fixed up, saved a fortune (by not drinking), how long can this good run last?

Do you like Queen cake's with your tea?

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Ohhh love the pics, looks class!

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