Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Saint's a sinner too! When am i gonna be a Saint? I'm done Sinning!!!

There once was a woman called 'Mary' from Fitzroy, now they are all busy calling her 'St Mary', it's going through, Australia’s first saint, a holy one too!!
According to a song on the new Slash album, 'A saint is a sinner too', which makes me to think, 'When am I gonna be a saint?' And I’m not talking about playing for St Kilda (even though I put $20 on them to win the grand final) I knew they wouldn't win either, I hate Collingwood that much to throw $20 away, I’m afraid I do!

I had lunch with Cassie yesterday; she's fighting with her mother. Why? Her mother thinks’ she's too picky with men, and she should just choose one and settle down, fair enough, everyone is entitled to their opinion

I told her, she should tell her mother
'I read the Mary Mc Killop story and I feel a higher calling, I think I want to be a nun and follow in her footsteps'
 For a laugh only, it would appear (old?) Cassie's mother thinks’ she is too choosy, she should settle for any old fella that can fall in the door and get a boner at 2am (would Cassie need to be awake at the time? I'm thinking, would it be necessary?

Ian Thorpe
As long as the Immaculate Conception had the start of Michael Kim and the power finish of Ian Thorpe, who fackin' cares missus) who would need to know? How it all happened would be a mystery future religions could be based on, how would Cassie look on a donkey? Absolutely perfect!!

An Aritst impression?

9 month later (probably spring time) a little human being, Yippee!! Mission accomplished, or is it the beginning?
Back to Mary, born in Fitzroy and a lot has changed since those days, oh they were all poor, scraping a living, kids weren’t wrapped in cotton wool, the men were tough, plenty of immaculate conception going on, now? I'll bet they didn't even have 'Helicopter parents' in dem daze, Helicopter either!
Now, it's littered with fellas moisturised from head to toe and sipping on a premium beer and twittering on an iPhone in the other.

If you owned a house there you'd be rolling in it, if you lived in that post code, I live in that post code, actually the post code just outside Fitzroy, you see I’m 'Fitz royalty', I know what your thinking, too? I should have a 'Tin hat' to distinguish myself from the commoners, the lower classes or other post codes, just like the Queen, not the band, the gin swilling old lady that lives tax free.

My new Tin Hat

(Not to reader, there is a benefit for poor people in Engrund, the queen applied for it, apparently the Castle/Castles are getting a bit cold for her, so tax payers should pay for a little bit of heating, only the poor people would be affected, sounds fair, eh?)

The Queen after a few Gin and Tonic's
I did get a pay rise, truth be told, ages ago too, as I told my boss, I wanted to buy in Fitzroy and it wasn't going to happen on my old rate, then I went to Confest and had one of the best weekends of my life, I got plenty naked too!! After that getting a crippling mortgage to live near all the cafes and $5 pizza places, didn't seem so important anymore?
I asked Cassie yesterday what her legacy would be, she looked shocked, I have this blog, I have YOU readers (tell all your friends, and click on the Ad's to make me rich, you ungrateful fuckers!!!)
As Walt Wiltman once said
'Henceforth, I ask not good fortune, I am good fortune'
I quite agree, sur why would I disagree. If I’m here, the party is on, when I’m dead you'll have my scriptures (What’s that, you say? You’re reading it, dumbass)

Other Saints, i wouldn't mind a bit of that, either!! Hear me Jesus!!!

So, when are they going to make me a Saint? What would my Devils advocate have to say, in opposition? Kieran is a non practicing 'Good person'? And of course the Queen and her sort will be going to hell, it will be plenty enough warm there for them?
Is this a happy ending? As a Brazilian girl once said to me about a romantic movie
I love happy endings, because you know its coming.
I'll bet you didn't see that.....

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