Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow.

The title is by a Wilde man, first name Oscar, do you know him?

Another poet of interest (to me), you ready for the Notorious?

"It was all a dream, I used to read word up magazine', err... actually, it was none of that, I used to never buy magazines and a point of interest, I still don’t, I never saw the point of buying them, when you could just stand there, while your waiting for some interesting thing in your life to eventuate and look at all the pictures. I'll have to hand ball the rest of this tid bit to the illustrious Cassie Bourke and share a memory, a memory she shared privately with myself over lunch some time ago, now I’m telling everybody!

Cassie was telling me she lives in the gay part of town, the other side of the river, (I would never live there, it’s full of wankers, the kind of people you get in Sydney, and not the gay ones, they are ok, some of them have very strong hands, it helps when your getting a neck massage in a Sauna, you know, but I digress..)

Cassie, if your reading this, take the test.....before it's too late!!!

Cassie herself has never succumbed to this vile way of live, and maybe she's missing out, who knows? Maybe she could 'one day', (a Monday, perhaps?) find someone that would put the toilet seat down? It's not much, but it's a start. Anyway Cassie, has a doctor and when she goes to see him, professionally, well, all the other clientel are gay, pee-pole.

(Queue the Queens engrish)
'....and what does one do, when one is waiting for ones preferred medical practitioner? Only, Perouse the glossy magazines provided and depending on what your there for? Hope (not ‘hop’) the chap in the white coat has warm and if your over 50 matching small index fingers and of course didn’t do any internship with some dairy farmer out in Cranbourne (I have one in mind, and you don’t want to know why!) "
'Now what?', your thinking?

So anyways, Cassandra (her name is changed here, to protect her identity from some of ye vulchers and maybe a discount voucher gossip, Aldi bag swinging type, you know who you are!) So anyways, Cassandra is prepping herself to go in, takes a quick look at the glossy mags and it's all gay stuff, not a 'Word up magazine' in sight! No booty bitches or Snoop doog, not even Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua 'Tinkerbell'?

You get what you pay for here folks, if you want to see my Chihuahua, you have to pay!!

Just gay men getting down and you have to get up to get down, or so I’m told, and maybe this is proof? I don’t think the hero of our story was too pleased, maybe it got her mind off of what ever she was there for in the first pace? Good thing/Bad thing?

"Truth be told, I'm always suspect of people that are on first names basis with their doctor, I know my doctor's name in Ireland, only because he has a cool name, his name readers?

Let's get medical? No, no, mental!!

My doctor's name is Kieran, and i once let him hold my cock (professionally) and he doesn't seem to mind a bit when I bag the shit out of him, but only in a good way, I suppose it goes with the responsibility of having a prestigious name like Kieran, you have to be able to take it., professionally speaking of course.

In Ireland you would never get gay magazines in a doctors surgery, oh man, it would be a scandal, you would have old fellas queuing up the street to get band aids on their knees, Skate boarding would take off among the 60 -80 year olds, good thing/bad thing?

'Doctor, doctor, I fell over, Jeasus, would you look at yer man, with his baldy fella hanging out',
 At least that's what I imagine it would be like?

But in reality, I wouldn't really know, not that there's any gay men in Ireland anyways, they sent them all to the other side of the world.....years ago and that’s what I was thinking? What were you thinking?
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