Friday, 8 October 2010

Show me how to live.......again?

"And it being’s…...I was telling someone, was it you? (P.s. I 'm writing this while listening to 'Forkboy' by a band called 'Lard', so check it out and read this) Well anyway I was telling someone about the Tibetan Buddhist monk I met in Damansara, North India, where the Dali Lama spent a bit of time, on the run from those Chinese boys, I wonder does he like Chinese food?

If I was him I wouldn't eat the stuff, but he's not me and I’m not him and I love the stuff, I love anything Asian, especially Japanese, but those Japanese boys don’t consider themselves Asian (do they have small willies?), they are English and something or other, I’ll go with the other, Fork boy!

Liverpool Scoucer
So, anyways I was telling about the Scoucer Buddhist monk that I met in Damansara, would tell us about doing Acid in his corporation flat in Liverpool, gun shots going off everywhere, too dangerous to go out, so he stayed in, tripping looking at a window, that was his thing, and even though he was a monk then and probably still is (if your reading, a big hello there to you!!)

Ringo is a Scoucer
Well, he told us he was reading the bible and tripping, in a different way on the stories from the bible, quite a tripper, a cool guy, when we were meditating, he would talk to us and lead us through the meditation, I kept thinking 'Ringo Star is talking', cos he talked just like that, like that.

He was real cool guy, when the 3 day experience was over, now you weren’t allowed to drink, smoke, talk for 3 days, you could read, write, no sex, thank you. Well, as soon as the 3 days was over, I went to the toilet, as you do, everybody was happy, chatting, well anyways, it must have been a long time for some people, because I heard some guy making love to himself frantically, in the toilet.

I’m happy to say I was the first to inform the Scoucer Buddhist monk that someone held off 3 days before 'busting one off', I knew he'd find it funny, cos he was one of the coolest guys I have ever met, and you know what I though? I thought, there's hope for everybody, hope for everybody and me and one day I could quite possibly come full circle and become a Buddhist monk.

From Scoucer to this

That’s right, it might not happen, but that guy had been through it all and it gave me hope that he could walk away from it all and find/search out something better and that’s hope I can believe it!!

Obama likes hope

Should someone inform Obama of this rare discovery?

Put the tiger back in the cage, quick!!!
Well, I might not conform any time soon, but I do intend on changing my ways or even putting the tiger back in the cage and doing some serious behavioural classes, does anyone know of a good lion tamer?

Everything goes out the window, from common sense to legs
This lion need's to be though a thing or 2, that I’m sure I knew before, it's funny what goes out the window (legs and all) when you include a bottle of Vodka to the mix and I’m out for another 25 day's.

Can you help me?

Day 5 and all is well.
Peace out, peace lovers, normality here I come (after all, that’s what the bishop said to the nun…… and it begins again? Dohhhhh!)

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