Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Something is always better than nothing, i hope this is something.

So, I didn't do much writing yesterday, and it wasn't because I had nothing to say, not at all dear pee-pole. Not at all, and now the dee-lemia has hit me, as to what to right?

Not sure, but let me tell you this, I call it the most successful tip jar I have ever seen, wit my own eyes!


I saw a tip jar recently, it was full of money and if it's full of money, there has got to be a catchy saying on it, 'Tippers make better lovers'? Oh yeah? That’s a good one, take $5, and let me blow a few million male reproductive cells on your 'derriere', no? But no and double no I say!

The sign on this 'Successful' tip jar said, 'Prease tip, I kneed mouney fur an edurcation', oh how I laughed and it looked like it was working!

Julia Gillard, boss dog of Australia

And now I think of the (world leader in consulting to governments all over the world) guy (do you believe me so far reader?) that informed the people that paid him (head honchos in the government, that are working for Julia Gillard (the boss dog that also a woman) in the government)

Snoop, the boss dog, full stop!

He said
'What you have is an image of a country that is considered to be very decorative, but not very useful.’

Bob Geldof

Maybe we all need an edrucation? Now, in favour of Australia, after all, I call it home after all, and not to go quoting Bob Geldof un necessary, but I kneed to quote the fella, now in his autobiography, Sir Bob said 'History was Ireland's whore', we could never let things go, people all over Ireland can quote historical events that happened decades and hundreds of years ago, these events hold them back in moving forward in their lives, this is our draw back, it would appear.

Now, when I was going to skool (Skool is for fools, and things haven't greatly inproved, I’m sad to say, but) I remember a teacher telling me/us, about some woman in Kerry, that was called a 'Blow in' (someone that just moved to the area), because, because, because? The wonderful wizard of Oz? No, but because her family had only been in that area for 5 generations, only 5 people!!

There's no place like home!!

Now, the Aussies aren’t big on history, it doesn't matter to them, this is their power and their down fall. If you don’t know where you’re from, you don’t know where you’re going.
It was the new country after al, after all what happened after World War 1 and the sequel World War II (Not starring Rambo) does anybody remember it?

Did people come to Australia to escape this guy?

Now, when I was in Washington DC, in the Native American museum, I learnt this.

The native American Indians had a very interesting way of conducting and thinking for themselves. They would think 5 generations in the future and 5 generations back, when making decisions, they would behave in a way that was respectful to their ancestors and would credit their future generations, a very interesting approach to living your life. And it makes sense when you think about it.

I once read the reason why people help each other, even people that hate each other, normally. Is all down to reputation, if you have a reputation, for being honest, or being helpful for example, people would help you, because it would add to their reputation, and when you need help yourself, it's that reputation that will get you over the line, sounds about right doesn't it, all you have to think about is any good neighbour you have ever known and the response they get off of people, when they might nee a bit of a help?

In a world where everybody’s renting apartments on contracts, it's the one thing that’s being sucked out of countries, people switch off, and no one cares. It's a fact the people that care about their communities are the ones that own their own properties, people that rent just don’t care and this is the Kind of thing that’s creeping in everywhere, I would say it's the same for people that are on contracts too, especially for professions, where you need a longer continuation of employment, i.e. the teaching profession.
Back to history, or did you forget?

Now, take Vietnam as an example where history doesn't really 'matter', mind over matter, the world is made up from 'matter', everything is the matter, Mad hatter? Maybe?

But I found it very interesting in Vietnam, no one in Vietnam hatred Americans, if I was Vietnamese, I would want to kill as many Yankee's as possible, but not the Vietnamese, they just wanted to get on with life, this to me, when I was there in 1999, was an unbelievable concept to grasp. It was their power. And they had chicks that looked like Naomi Cambell, working in rice Paddy fields, super models that eat rice and not grams of coke and champagne!

Naomi (beofre she throws a phone at you)

Power? To a Buddhist, absolute power is knowing how they would respond in any given situation, i.e. Knowing, if they were walking down the street and it someone attacked them, knowing they would not retaliate to the person attacking them, that is POWER!!

Ignorance can be power too, and it can work very well for you, as Jay Z would say,
'How bad you want to know?'
And that's what I was thinking....what's going through your head?

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