Thursday, 21 October 2010

Success and the

When I think of all the things I can do, now my mind has switched to investing, it seems to be how the 'old' mind has switched now that I'm off the beer, but is this a better thing, will it bring me any happiness? Who can tell, am I a happier person?

One thing is for certain is I don’t want to buy a house, oh, yeah, I did want to buy a house, I did, then I went to Confest and all the 'alternative' people running around balls naked made me think, enjoy your life me boy, it might be the only life you'll get, and struggling to pay for a house, near $5 pizza might not make much sense, even to a sometimes fluctuating, sanity deprived human person, as myself, if you get my meaning?

"I was reading a Zen newsletter yesterday and it made a lot of sense, how do you measure happiness, I was rapping away to the Salsbury, on chat, first name Matt along this line, this morning and it got me thinking. All the people buying investment property have the country ruined, I have to pay more rent to live in a place I want to live, all because the demand I gone up, due to so many investment properties being vacant in the inner city.

It got me thinking about Ghandi, in his book 'My experiments with truth', when there was threats on his life; he got life insurance and paid one payment. then he got to thinking, by having insurance on his life, what he was saying to the world was, I don not have faith in my family to provide for them selves if I am dead. He thought, my family can work, they can provide for themselves, they don’t need a big pay out, and so he stopped.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm all over the world. In dear old Ireland, it used to be very easy to get a local doctor to declare your parents ‘crazy’ get them committed and take their land off of them, that was cool, until those children, had children of their own."

Now, you have kids here that don’t even bother with the dreams their parents once had, the dream of having your own house is a nightmare, so now, binge drinking is on the rise and they wonder why society has gone mad?

Old people don’t understand it, there is lots of insecurity, everybody wants investments so they are not destitute when they get older and it's a cycle that feed on it’s self, I wonder, I wonder. I'm glad I haven’t bought into it, but what I will buy into are some shares, online, on the share market.

This is the strategy now. I will buy shares in a company that builds housing for miners, in the back arse of nowhere, and I’m going to do it today, future, here i come, get ready!

Oh, people, i'm SOO Spiritual!!

El newsletter stated....
'Success isn’t about achieving something in the future, but about doing something right now that you love.

I like to think i am successful, but i dont think about it, i dont have to, there are no alarm bells going off in my brain, yet.

After all, When you are you, you are Unique! And thats all i do, i keep it real for the Giggers, you know who you are!
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