Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The challenge for you......

 I'm reminded of that show where the voice would say
'The mission, if you choose to accept it....',
 It's from a show, somewhere from my child hood, don't expect me to be too specific here, I’ll promise you I wont make anything up, that's as close as I’ll get to telling the truth to you today.

(I just looked it up, VIA Google (Bless you google!!), it's from Mission Impossible)

Snoop made an appearance 2 years ago

Right so, let’s start.
'Bless me father, for I have sinned...’ no, no not that. It's not even Sunday, it's Tuesday, but a Tuesday with a Sunday service, tram service, with ticket inspectors, the first I’ve seen in quite a while, I was ready to validate my ticket. Money doesn't grow on trees pee-pole! 
I do intend to make it rain with all the bets i put on today for the races!!

Confused? It's Melbourne cup day, one of the biggest in the calendar in of Australia, the race that stops the nation, day off in Victoria, half a day off in Sydney, people in Sydney can lick my Ball$ and I’m working, err...a full day, hmmm?

And they all fall down...

A full day, but I’ve got my bets on and I’m bringing my scriptures to you, Haluajah, praise the Electricity industry!!!

So, the it looks like I’ve hit a wall here, let me think, why don’t I tell you about yesterday? Yesterday, I finished my place of work and walked to the eagles place in Richmond, I was going to go to the gym, come pack to work, drop my bag off and go to the gig. Instead I decided all this coming and going, more going than coming would make me feel like I was in a spin dryer, so I deferred all of that and went for the romantic walk along the Yarra.

So on the way there, who do I spot? But a guy downstairs that's always going on about sword fighting and battle combat, which is strange, cos he didn't see me walking towards him and him to me? Not very good for a self professed elite athlete, ninja, oh don’t make me laugh?

And i'm reminded Bumble bee man, i saw the soap opera version of this guy in Ecuador.

Where do you get the idea you can just do whatever you want? 

He goes to walk past me with some chick holding his hand, he's got 2 guys behind him, obviously his crew, he's obviously hoping I don’t saying anything, hoping, looking away, class act indeed.

Not a very good strategic tactic, so as he's walking past I take my earphones out, his girlfriend is looking right at me, not knowing if I am an El Crazy or not, then I say 'Since when did you like girls!!!' And they keep going off.

I have to say, he walked into that one, oh how I laughed, his mates were laughing too, it would have been much easier for him to just say 'hello', but what can you do? Will some people ever learn? I wonder. It gave me a laugh when I was going to sleep last night too. A class moment, in Cork they would say 'I made a right langer of him', I sure did, I sure did, he won’t be making that mistake again!

Horses for courses

So I got to the Eagles place and I did say I would stay off the beer for a month, the Eagle says to me, 'The challenge for you, is to have a few beers and leave it at that', I’m always up for a challenge, so I too up the challenge.

I brought him some sculpture thing I found on the street, on the way, 'House warming gift', his flat mates were out looking at it, it could barley balance, it made me laugh as they were inspecting the 'El work of art', Leonardo's Da Vinci's lost treasure maybe? Who knows, I found it on the street?

All eye on the prize

So the Cruel Sea come on, his band? Very average, I wouldn't rate them at all, everybody else seemed to be into it, but that’s people for you I guess?

The cruel sea band (in their younger daze) 

The Eagle was getting very aroused, which was strange the average female was in her 40's or older at the very least, is the world ready for a maybe could be true or false rumour about the eagle? I hope so, because as soon as you've stopped poring over these words, I’ll get straight on it!!!

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