Friday, 12 November 2010

Doctor doctor, give me a cure, i got a strange case of....

So, yesterday, I go to the doctor, to get a spot checked out, I tell the doctor where it is, she looks agrees, then she informs me she has no time, it will be another consultation, it's normally 2 consultations, she was all about her consultations and so I paid, the consultation, that wasn’t a consultation, more like, she agreed with me, do you agree?

That will be $66, come back to-morrow and some other guy will do it tomorrow, so now it being tomorrow, I have to go back, not that I really want to, I was planning on going to the beach tomorrow, so it's a choice between a rock and a hard place, so now I go back to get what I should have got yesterday, but today, it wasn't so bad, yesterday, until I left and I thought to myself.

I just paid $66, to some clown for them to agree with I already knew, part B of the process, should be to put some dry ice on it and hey presto, gone, go to the beach tomorrow, but tomorrow might be raining, but there is no point trying to see a doctor, flying or not up my way, they are usually all booked out on the weekends, even the Asian ones.

Flying doctors

Not that I have much experience in the way with doctors, none at all, it seems to be extortion, in its purest sense. Maybe I’m in the wrong game? Maybe next time I want to see a doctor, I should come into the city on the tram (ok, are you with me so far?) and get a train to the suburbs to see a proper doctor, that's not thinking about the payments on their sports car, all this, and pretty soon I have to go back, to see the 'Nick Rivera’s' of Melbourne, health care, it is not!

Now, i need a spin doctor, to try see the funny side of paying a doctor twice to do something once.

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