Monday, 1 November 2010

One month no alcohol, a 100% success!!!

One month on, and I’m like a new man? Why, the reader asks? Ask and you shall be given, well since you've asked, it's been 1 month on today, one month of no beer for me, just like February's febfast, mission completed and I do feel a change.

I went to the gym Saturday morning, yes morning reader, I was feeling sufficiently tired on Friday night, lying on the couch, a bit dazed but not confused, I believe there was a documentary about porn on the TV (that resembles a microwave,  I recanted this (not the microwave) to a girl the next night at the 'Halloween party' I went to, she saw the same documentary, oh the simple things in life, really are free (it's even better if you have a vivid memory)

But first let me tell you this, one of my friends, Simon mentioned a 4 hour week blog , so I checked it out, it's made a big impression on him and immediately it made an impression on me.

One of the stories I read about was this guy, Michel de Montaigne 

I haven't a clue who he was, but now I’m interested, now.

3 things we can learnt from Michel
1, Self-Experimentation and Observation
2, Keep a Commonplace Book
3, Que sais je? (Don’t take yourself too seriously)

Take the first one, 'Self-Experimentation and Observation', I remember Ghandi doing l lot of Self-Experimentation, in his book, My experiments with truth, especially when it came to diet, he went on all sorts of diets to see how he would respond and to see how he felt on each, noting the differences in himself.

Put me in your belly!!

Immediately, I can see how I could learn from that, just 30 minutes ago I saw a piece of pizza from the kitchen and I ate it, but, did I really need to eat it? I don’t know, I don’t care...and I still don’t know? But I ate it and it was good, hip-hip hurrah!!!

Err...moving on.
 Flash back of someone on Saturday night, banging on about hating the term 'experimenting with drugs', I was thinking,
'Where are the parents?' If only the parents introduced the kids to cooking, they might experiment with eggs or dried fruit or the like? But that all I know about experimenting.
 Sorry if this isn't making any sense, my brain might be a bit fried from years of abuse?

Back to 'Self-Experimentation and Observation', its interesting relating it to 1 month off duty with beer consumption; 
I’ve begun to notice lots of 'little things' about myself
1, I seem more controlled in every sense
2, Healthier and Fitter
3, Happier, more content, more optimistic.
4, I'm saving a small fortune!!
5, I have somewhat normal-er weekends now
6, I wake up earlier, because I got to sleep earlier, makes sense?

And big things about others:
It seems the intelligence level of people somewhat drops by a good 50%, which is interesting, when your part of the demographic consuming alcoholic beverages, you don’t seem to notice this 'fact', but probably wouldn't impede 85% of people (who become instant experts) from indulging in discussions relating to all things important to your average Australian, house prices, belly button fluff, BBQ's, mullet hair care, Shane Warne, Shane Warns text messages, Shane Warne's ex, happy endings, horror movies, house prices, % being added to previous % of house prices, % quotes not making any sense? 

90 % of that was made up, or fabricated if you will?

Could the person that invented the % have ever imagined the problems they caused by the %?

Back to the list from Michel (your not getting off that easily)
Point 2 of the list, Keep a Commonplace Book, well your reading it boys and girls.
Point 3 of the list, Que sais je? (Don’t take yourself too seriously), in case you haven't figured it out by now, your reading that too Pee-pel.

I say Keep on Blogging, George Michael says 'Just keep on Fu$king', both it good for you, as far as I can tell? 

Or do I need a % to convince you?

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