Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Tiger in me is the tiger in you!!

 Well, I was thinking of something to do, draw, complain, write, something? So I said I’ll have a peek at what’s making the news, and low and behold, the King is back

Tiger Woods at the Melbourne airport this morning

And some people are making a monkey out of him, I’m sort of outraged, in a monkey kind of way, and I do like eating banana’s (cool, eh?)

Happier daze?

The King of course being Tiger Woods, he's lost his number 1 spot, I’m not sure he would care after the ordeal he's put himself through in the past year, he's back in Melbourne, he'll play a bit and why not? He's got a guy to carry his swinging sticks for him and he gets paid a lot of money, some chick might hold his balls and sex, don’t get me started!!

Tiger will pick up his $3 million fee ($1.5 coming from tax payers) and he'll be off, like some kind of flying 'eye of the tiger', but very elevated', maybe cruzeing altitude? Trouble is, not many people are too happy about giving little old tiger a helping hand in keeping his Swedish ex in the lap of luxury. I mean, those Swedish women wear the pants, and if you don’t keep them happy, they are out buster, and they are taking everything with them, you lose.

Time to get back on the donkey you rode in on buddy?

Funny, when I wrote Buster there, I got a flash back of Buster Keating, when he was a kid, he taught himself how to break his falls, a self taught stunt man, when he was on stage with his family, part of the routine involved throwing him, one time he fell down a flight of stairs, who saw it? 
But Harry Houdini!!

Houdini’s response after watching him get up was, 'That was quite a Buster!', (meaning a fall) and the name stook, he was Buster Keating for that day on.

Last night, I went to my sometime usual once a month movie night, last night, and it was quite funny how in 'some' old movies, the stories didn't quite make sense, or you would have some random coincidence, where the hero would figure this out and the day would be saved, always with a fight scene, good always overcomes evil. Hip hip hurrah!!

My favourite one was where the hero goes into a room a woman was kidnapped from by a mysterious menace, the type writer keys 'NGLIA', the hero ponders it and says, 'The mysterious menace is Nigel' and off out he would go to save the day.

The last movie was called 'Spy Smasher’; a child could have come up with a better plot. On my way home, I found 2 frying pans someone discarded in front of their house, so there was a happy ending and this morning I found a few chopping boards and an electric frying pan (if you don’t mind, la de lah) I could almost feel like a complete house wife? A good start to the day or what? You see, good start, happy ending, might need to work on the middle bit, but I think you get the point?

I could be the (home maker) person at home (popping a few little mammas little helpers, yummie!!)
How was your day hunny (hick)? (Might have to ease off the champagne?)

More movie talk:
You could tell, the scenes were shot on a stage, with the set design, the director’s friend obviously had a set he could use and all of a sudden there was some strange coincidence in the movie to make it fit, obviously the audiences didn't ask too many questions, and it was the early years of the picture stories developing. But the count of Monte Cristo was written in the year 1844 and that was a great story, and complicated? 

But movies in those days were made with Californian, Los Angeles Hollywood, types and not much has changed there.

The stunts in the early movies were crazy, you could tell they just did them, there is no way leading actors would be allowed do any of the stunts they did, some of them if they got it wrong, they were dead. I think i'll stick to my day job, thanks.

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