Monday, 15 November 2010

'When it rains, it pours''ve all heard of this title, now haven't ye? No? Well continue then!!

Well, let me give you a case in point, I get home on Friday, it starts raining, and it pretty much doesn't stop, until yesterday, I stayed in, the party came to me, so to speak and life was, as still is, absolutely perfect.

So, Dave comes round on Friday night, chains the bike up and in he comes, what’s new, what’s new? For one thing, I would say, 'Klub Kaos' had its opening night, or 'Kieran's Klub Kaos', KKK, is that going too far?
As soon as I said 'Klub Kaos' the suggestions were coming in quick, before I said Klub Kaos, we were sitting in a out door bathroom, between the back yard and the house, trying not to get our faces wet, such as life?

White fairy lights were the top of everyone’s list of suggestions, a sure sign of a brothel in Mexico, but hey it's Australia, they do things different here, and over there and maybe the other side of the river, over there, if I stand up and look and type, only if.

So, the Klub is the bathroom of the work mans cottage, my house, I’m a working man, well of sorts, I go to work most days, what I do is anybody’s guess? 
Bathrooms, bathrooms, it's all about the bathroom, it's not any kind of bathroom, but an outside room where the fine tunes were emitting from all 4 walls, maybe the ceiling? With the door, half (stuck) ajar, we have an open door policy, no door list all are welcome, and in they came, the club level/energy peaked with 5 in total attendance, with 4 out of the 5 people defiantly getting the good vibrations, club life, how bad?

So, it was like that on Friday night, Friday night rolled into Saturday, we did have to make a trip to the outside doors, to get more Gin and stuff to mix gin with and come back. 
On the way back Saturday night, we stopped in to order pizza, we were looking for the meat in the pizzas, couldn’t see any reference to any meet, the name of the shop might have been a 'bit of a clue' to us, 'Mr Vegetarian', you'd think? Back we went to calibrate the Dopamine levels in our system, making careful note to come back for the pizzas!!

If it was our task to 'Find the heart of a Saturday night', we were in the right place, we didn't need to go anywhere, it was like we were snowed in my liquid snow, and if you wet out in it, it was like getting a cold shower and being in the cold?

You following all of this?

We were laughing too much to care or to be bothered, or both. So after watching the rain all night Friday night, Saturday, the only thing was to, in the words to Jimi Hendrix, was to 
'On a rainy day, sit back and relax'
This we did, in Klub Kaos, and then we had a visitor, someone I met 2 months ago in Revolver, Dani.

So after much chatting online with Dani, after one chance meeting a Saturday morning (probably around 6am) in Revolver, we finally meet again, in Klub Kaos, I can see the whole neighbour hood trying to 'get in on the act', queues up and down the street next week? I wouldn't be too surprised, I can see the reviews, 'The place were old flames are re-ignited, where friends get together, and you can have a shower and wash you colthes (by hand, hopefully we'll have a washing machine soon) Klub Kaos'

And then, our prayers were answered!!

Steward called in to the Klub, with Ami, let us from here on refer to this happy couple as 'The bringers of good news'. What, what? You say, was there a baby born somewhere, nope, but probably a baby was born, probably like the baby Jesus too, but that has nothing to do with this story. 

No, did some kid fall off of his skateboard, future world champion skater, and now his mammy wont let him skate anymore, she says it's too dangerous, all the skating business!!

Nope, nope and triple nope! There were plates, the ones you can eat off of, and smaller plates and other stuff, up the road? And what's one thing the Klub is missing, but plates! Plates, plates, plates!!

Another holy plate

We did have one plate, I refer to it as 'The holy plate for eating off of', now we have about 20 big plates and 30 smaller ones, we could have a midget Greek wedding, maybe you could throw the midgets and break the plates? 

If the Klub continues to expand in the coming months, I might cook food and then put it on the plates, no bother at all, Jack Kerouac said that 'life is the road', how true, especially since I have furnished a lot of things in the house, from the road, many roads, some of them intersecting, maybe inter twining, interlocking, no? Heavens no!

Found magazine is one of my favourite websites, I do like 'finding things', not so much 'finding out' things, and defiantly not, 'finding out bad things', I really don’t like doing that, but I guess it kinda creeps up on you?

Something i dont have to worry about finding out, i'll leave that to someone else, i'll leave it to someone else to worry about.

I still have to find a use for a slow cooker I found/got, I got for nothing a few weeks ago, I did buy a few bowls for a $1, (he said you might as well take anything you want) I didn't want a slow cooker, and I still don’t, but I got one and I hold all the cards.

Got any recipes? Maybe a recipe for disaster? Something?

But I need to find a recipe, maybe the recipe will find me? It would make sense, especially since I wasn't looking of a slow cooker, and it a new one too, so if you have a 'new' recipe, for my new slow cooker (that I got for free) I’m all ears Klubers!!
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