Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Summer time and the living is easy and getting easier

So, i'm not working, this is pretty obvious when i find myself waking up in Waterford Daves couch and having to locate a phone to call Social services and tell them i cant be at my appointment, due to an unexpected Christmas party that happened the previous night.

All this happened when i went with my new couch surfer, introducing the lovely Joanna from Germany.

Story starts when we went to the market to buy fruit and veg on Sunday, Dave is too tired to come to my place, so we go to him, Dave is trying his best to do and impression of a guy cooking food, i'm doing my best to NOT be like Chef Ramsey on Kitchen nightmares, so i step in and take the reigns. And then thinks start to happen, Dave suggests we get some Gin and Tonic, so off he goes, and i was wondering where he was, only that on his way back, he realises he forgot the tonic, so he has to go back, get the tonic and come back to us, which he does and the party that was never supposed to be, ignites.

Next morning, being a Monday, there was many stories of what happened, some of the memories come to mind throughout the day, some of which were the indoor frizbee, in door golf, walking to the bottle shop twice, Joanna nearly getting knocked down, you have to hold that girls hand when you cross the road, the chick in the bottle shop nearly had a heart attack, i told her, 'At least we know we're alive', which we were.

I called Daves sister, for a laugh, she hits a switch in her head and hangs up, i call back and tell her to say a few hail mary and and our father and hang up on her, she must of hit another switch in the noggin and text's him, mad Irish women, you gotta love them?

So yesterday, we go for a bit of an adventure, over to St Kilda and off we go on the tram, before long, some chick from Adelaide is chatting to us, some woman behind us is chatting, we get off in Balaclava and walk down to 'Lental as anything', one of the awesome places to eat here, we go for coffee and cake, get pictures of our arses looking at cake, i got a photo of Kathy from Cork that was hanging out with her sister.

What a day? And it wasn't over there, we went to the Espy, then the Prince of Wales, it was pretty empty when we went in, we went to the gay part, and had a blast, before long it was $8 jugs, so we had a few, on the way home we went to the Casino, we all bet some money on Roulete, i cashed the chips in and won back what we lost and walked back on the Yarra.

We ended up walking all the way back to Daves place and did some Couchsurfing at Daves, 2 night of unplaned fun at Daves, and since he checked his ticket this morning, it turns out he's flying back to Ireland tonight.

What and epic time with some epic people.

The end.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Happy Chrismas, this year you get this

Santa Clause said you were bold all year, no pictures for you, and let that be a taste of things to come in 2011...read on.

I know, i know, it's the same deal-e-o, every year, you try and behave yourself, act, look, talk good, you even trim you toe nails, some of you even say the right name during sex and what does Santa Clause give you i ask you? Was it worth it, all that effort for a big fat nothing, maybe a pair of sox, he might as well give you  kick in the arse in January, you get your own sox and behave like a sex crazed baboon on Bon bons.

So, dear pee-pol, i know i haven't been too loyal to ye, not htat i have to, or it's all about give-give, i do this  writing as much for myself as i do for the feedback/laughs some get, life is good and i've been busy doing my thing.

This includes, Yoga every day at lunch time, hanging out, reading, taking in couch surfers.

This morning i decided what my new years resolution would be and before i had the time to reason with myself and quite possibly talk myself out of it, i said 'Do it' and i will, what, what, what? You say? In the next year, i will run a half marathon,  it's still a pretty new idea in the noggin and i havent quite digested what time i should do it, the mind is still trying to come to grips whit all the goings on of last night entailed.

To summaries, last night.

A, Went to the local trivia and proved to myself how much happier i am by not getting many answers right, did i tell you i haven't read any paper or watched any news in the past 3 weeks?

A.1 I invented a trivia name, the name? Freechrissileaks.com, it did have people scratching their heads, but i digress

B, Hung out with my ex-housemate Reiley from Canada, drank beers, when we should have stayed put, we went out and got drunk, why not?

C, Went to the local and we got served by a drunk bar tender that was (and i'm not kidding) throwing chairs, we got free beer and tequila (and never paid, he was drunk, it was a sort of a protest!!)

D, Met all the ransoms, and what did i spot, but Swiss, twins, female types, holy god and the baby Jebus!!

E, Got one of their number's, if one of them cant be bothered meeting me, they can send the other, i wont mind or complain, after all they look the same (i wont be saying anything about anyone from Asia here, no matter what floats through my mind)

F, Got home, had another beer, and received my couchsurfer Joanna that jetted in from Germany at about 4am, woke up, read some more of 'Fight Club', it all makes sense, why be any other way?

G, Just finished Yoga

H, Going to Christmas Carol practice later

I, Sent random test messages to see if any of the pee-pol i have in my phone are actually worth knowing 

J, Where is this going? Going....going.. gone.

Monday, 13 December 2010

I talk to your cat more than i do to you people

Since there seems to be quite a few people clicking on the old blog, some of you like it delivered in your 'Inbox', and i like doing it, 'Inbox' delivery and all.

Writing it would appear might even be a bit of therapy for me? So it might be a win win situation, who knows, maybe i'll find out one fine day, doctor.

Speaking of fine days, the fine days are on the way, now being summer time and the living is easy, easier said than done, Yoga and bike rides every day seems to help put a positive slant on the day.

My flight was cancelled in February, i could book another flight sooner, but miss the summer here, but get the summer in Malaysia, and eat Nasi Lemak, my favorite breakfast in the world. Cornflakes never did it for me. What to do?

The best breakfast in the world?

So, with not working, (practicing for retirement) and having a house in the area i want to live in, the next thing i have to start doing is finding the right person to take over my lease, and hopefully give someone that wants a home, my home and go home myself and not have to worry about anything. If you dont deserve it, you wont be getting it.

This is the plan or challenge?

I was giving the place to an old un-reliable guy Dave, he lives over a pub, a pure dive, no normal person would be seen dead in there.

Since he's after getting his act together, somewhat, trouble is, is drinking buddies weren't too happy with him leaving, especially some guy that would come in a play him for a $1000 in pool, the funny thing is Dave will never leave that place and will end up like his drinking buddies, anyways i get the message, he's not serious about life and i was making it too easy for him to live in the best part of town.

Now, the search is on, to find the right person that's excited about Fitzroy North and who's 'about the area', like me? In other news, i attended my neighbours party the other night, i knocked on the door and said,
'I talk to your cat more than i do to you people' 
This is true, the cat is 'Ralphie', and he's awesome, he's like a dog, he's got 10 meows, 7 of them are for food, everybody knows Ralphie.

Later on, some El Crazy was tearing the fence apart, from the outside, i told the neighbours
'It should have been me tearing the fence apart, i'm the neighbour, and they didn't invite me'

This has now been rectified, i will be invited all forthcoming parties, events, wedding's and funerals, hopefully not my own.

It looks like i will be hosting lots of couch surfers over Christmas too, it will make life a bit interesting, and the people come to me, too easy?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I'm not unemployed, i'm just praticing for when i get old

Oh, hello there

It's been a while since i posted anything there, if your me in 30 years time, well if your me and it's something i could highly recommend, i'd say, well done for living this much, December 2010 was one of the best days of you life all of them and what did you ask Santa Clause for Christmas.

What indeed? Not that i'd have to ask for anything, now that i'm not working and here comes the tricky part, listen up.

Now, i've decided to live a life of leisure, until i go home, home time is in February, then i go to MMalaysia, then Japan, hang out with the sister, before she gets officially hitched, and is entitled to half a farm some where in west Cork and then, i try and be normal (and why not it's been working well so far...this month) and got to the Roskilder festival (crowd roars)

What, what, what? You wonder, well wonder on dear pee-pol, i've made a (concise) decision to behave myself and live a very healthy life-style, oh, let me explain, i get up in the mornings, go for a run, come back, read what ever book i'm reading (some of them have no pictures!), and it's off to Yoga, maybe weights? Life is perfect.

So perfect, for a while i had a bit of an adverse reaction of going to the city, it felt like i was going to China? And why would you want to go there, when you could lie on your belly in one of many parks, and read books, books, and not be scanning pages or documents looking for information, no, no, no more. I'm off work for the next 8 months, all going well and assuming the tiger doesn't get out of the cage, the Celtic tiger has been kicked to death, i'm sure even the Chinese wouldn't want that sick boy.

Back to reading, are you reading this? It occurred to me 2 weeks ago, while hanging out in a park, 'Hey, i'm reading' and i was, i wasn't just scanning pages, i was reading all the words, i was thinking, 'Wow, this i s amazing' and it can only get better, i've been going on amazing bike rides, hanging out, going to the gym. Life is perfect, summer is here, i have couch surfers coming to hang out, the park up the road have great people and parties on the weekends, are you getting tired of reading this yet?

Coz, it just doesn't matter.

It all reminds me of when i was hanging out in our house in West Cork, i would wake up (that is important) have a cup of tea, walk to the village, get the newspaper, come back have a read, have lunch, go for a walk, come back have dinner, watch a movie, sleep and do it all again.

It occurred to me, 'Hey, i'm practicing for when i retire and that's ok by me' and i'm going to get really fit too!!

I'm ready for retirement, and i'm going to spend the next 8 months proving this, do you hear me!!
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