Monday, 13 December 2010

I talk to your cat more than i do to you people

Since there seems to be quite a few people clicking on the old blog, some of you like it delivered in your 'Inbox', and i like doing it, 'Inbox' delivery and all.

Writing it would appear might even be a bit of therapy for me? So it might be a win win situation, who knows, maybe i'll find out one fine day, doctor.

Speaking of fine days, the fine days are on the way, now being summer time and the living is easy, easier said than done, Yoga and bike rides every day seems to help put a positive slant on the day.

My flight was cancelled in February, i could book another flight sooner, but miss the summer here, but get the summer in Malaysia, and eat Nasi Lemak, my favorite breakfast in the world. Cornflakes never did it for me. What to do?

The best breakfast in the world?

So, with not working, (practicing for retirement) and having a house in the area i want to live in, the next thing i have to start doing is finding the right person to take over my lease, and hopefully give someone that wants a home, my home and go home myself and not have to worry about anything. If you dont deserve it, you wont be getting it.

This is the plan or challenge?

I was giving the place to an old un-reliable guy Dave, he lives over a pub, a pure dive, no normal person would be seen dead in there.

Since he's after getting his act together, somewhat, trouble is, is drinking buddies weren't too happy with him leaving, especially some guy that would come in a play him for a $1000 in pool, the funny thing is Dave will never leave that place and will end up like his drinking buddies, anyways i get the message, he's not serious about life and i was making it too easy for him to live in the best part of town.

Now, the search is on, to find the right person that's excited about Fitzroy North and who's 'about the area', like me? In other news, i attended my neighbours party the other night, i knocked on the door and said,
'I talk to your cat more than i do to you people' 
This is true, the cat is 'Ralphie', and he's awesome, he's like a dog, he's got 10 meows, 7 of them are for food, everybody knows Ralphie.

Later on, some El Crazy was tearing the fence apart, from the outside, i told the neighbours
'It should have been me tearing the fence apart, i'm the neighbour, and they didn't invite me'

This has now been rectified, i will be invited all forthcoming parties, events, wedding's and funerals, hopefully not my own.

It looks like i will be hosting lots of couch surfers over Christmas too, it will make life a bit interesting, and the people come to me, too easy?

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