Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I'm not unemployed, i'm just praticing for when i get old

Oh, hello there

It's been a while since i posted anything there, if your me in 30 years time, well if your me and it's something i could highly recommend, i'd say, well done for living this much, December 2010 was one of the best days of you life all of them and what did you ask Santa Clause for Christmas.

What indeed? Not that i'd have to ask for anything, now that i'm not working and here comes the tricky part, listen up.

Now, i've decided to live a life of leisure, until i go home, home time is in February, then i go to MMalaysia, then Japan, hang out with the sister, before she gets officially hitched, and is entitled to half a farm some where in west Cork and then, i try and be normal (and why not it's been working well so far...this month) and got to the Roskilder festival (crowd roars)

What, what, what? You wonder, well wonder on dear pee-pol, i've made a (concise) decision to behave myself and live a very healthy life-style, oh, let me explain, i get up in the mornings, go for a run, come back, read what ever book i'm reading (some of them have no pictures!), and it's off to Yoga, maybe weights? Life is perfect.

So perfect, for a while i had a bit of an adverse reaction of going to the city, it felt like i was going to China? And why would you want to go there, when you could lie on your belly in one of many parks, and read books, books, and not be scanning pages or documents looking for information, no, no, no more. I'm off work for the next 8 months, all going well and assuming the tiger doesn't get out of the cage, the Celtic tiger has been kicked to death, i'm sure even the Chinese wouldn't want that sick boy.

Back to reading, are you reading this? It occurred to me 2 weeks ago, while hanging out in a park, 'Hey, i'm reading' and i was, i wasn't just scanning pages, i was reading all the words, i was thinking, 'Wow, this i s amazing' and it can only get better, i've been going on amazing bike rides, hanging out, going to the gym. Life is perfect, summer is here, i have couch surfers coming to hang out, the park up the road have great people and parties on the weekends, are you getting tired of reading this yet?

Coz, it just doesn't matter.

It all reminds me of when i was hanging out in our house in West Cork, i would wake up (that is important) have a cup of tea, walk to the village, get the newspaper, come back have a read, have lunch, go for a walk, come back have dinner, watch a movie, sleep and do it all again.

It occurred to me, 'Hey, i'm practicing for when i retire and that's ok by me' and i'm going to get really fit too!!

I'm ready for retirement, and i'm going to spend the next 8 months proving this, do you hear me!!

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