Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Summer time and the living is easy and getting easier

So, i'm not working, this is pretty obvious when i find myself waking up in Waterford Daves couch and having to locate a phone to call Social services and tell them i cant be at my appointment, due to an unexpected Christmas party that happened the previous night.

All this happened when i went with my new couch surfer, introducing the lovely Joanna from Germany.

Story starts when we went to the market to buy fruit and veg on Sunday, Dave is too tired to come to my place, so we go to him, Dave is trying his best to do and impression of a guy cooking food, i'm doing my best to NOT be like Chef Ramsey on Kitchen nightmares, so i step in and take the reigns. And then thinks start to happen, Dave suggests we get some Gin and Tonic, so off he goes, and i was wondering where he was, only that on his way back, he realises he forgot the tonic, so he has to go back, get the tonic and come back to us, which he does and the party that was never supposed to be, ignites.

Next morning, being a Monday, there was many stories of what happened, some of the memories come to mind throughout the day, some of which were the indoor frizbee, in door golf, walking to the bottle shop twice, Joanna nearly getting knocked down, you have to hold that girls hand when you cross the road, the chick in the bottle shop nearly had a heart attack, i told her, 'At least we know we're alive', which we were.

I called Daves sister, for a laugh, she hits a switch in her head and hangs up, i call back and tell her to say a few hail mary and and our father and hang up on her, she must of hit another switch in the noggin and text's him, mad Irish women, you gotta love them?

So yesterday, we go for a bit of an adventure, over to St Kilda and off we go on the tram, before long, some chick from Adelaide is chatting to us, some woman behind us is chatting, we get off in Balaclava and walk down to 'Lental as anything', one of the awesome places to eat here, we go for coffee and cake, get pictures of our arses looking at cake, i got a photo of Kathy from Cork that was hanging out with her sister.

What a day? And it wasn't over there, we went to the Espy, then the Prince of Wales, it was pretty empty when we went in, we went to the gay part, and had a blast, before long it was $8 jugs, so we had a few, on the way home we went to the Casino, we all bet some money on Roulete, i cashed the chips in and won back what we lost and walked back on the Yarra.

We ended up walking all the way back to Daves place and did some Couchsurfing at Daves, 2 night of unplaned fun at Daves, and since he checked his ticket this morning, it turns out he's flying back to Ireland tonight.

What and epic time with some epic people.

The end.

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