Monday, 28 February 2011

Some insane history and some real CSI Perth gossip

Couch surfer Fillipo's pool, it was very wet!

So, for the weekend i switched to couch surfer Fillipo, he collects me, he takes me back to his place and we go fishing, i caught about 5 fish, 4 were 'Blowfish' or 'Blowies', what to do when they come biting?

Vegetarians, avert your eyes, do not read this paragraph!!
Stab them in the guts and throw them in the bushes!! Then they think they're kangaroos and they hop all over the place, sometimes hours, they are regular Mexican jumping beans when they get going!

I did catch one proper fish, i hooked him in the 'EYE'! I'm thinking it was maybe a worlds first, i got a fish and bait back too, i was thinking for a bit that Fillipo was going to throw him back in again, but, i did get him in the  eye, he was coming with us! That was plain to see, any one could see that.... i digress.

I was in a store the next day, i was chatting with the assistant while testing a Frisbee, in store, of course, turned around, then back and launched into 'I caught a fish in the eye story'....

Which was good, except it was a different guy this time, and the guy that was now standing there must of though i was an escaped lunatic from 'somewhere', all he said was 'Far out', which seems to be a pretty stock answer to most things i say here, is it me or them, i'm thinking?

The guy there before him might of thought i was just a reformed lunatic, but nobodies perfect, right?

Some Freemantle history? Read about Anne at the bottom!
I'm thinking if her husband put her in there after every baby she had, that would have been a key indicator as to why she kept having babies? Maybe the 'problem' was the husband? Maybe it was some kind of 'temptation island', lunatic asylum? She probably went crazy for that shit, I know i would!

Then we went shopping, i think? All i know is i went looking at bunny rabbits and Koi fish, the Koi were $39 and they were big too, the sales assistant was going to get price checks for me too, they had more coming in!

Anyone with a Koi or Japanese goldfish tattoo (as myself) should be an easy person to sell these items to, until i pointed out i was just hanging out while i was waiting for my mate buying fishing stuff next door.

Crazy stuff?

Moving along, i went in to an apple store and i had a go on an iPad and i loved it, but as you know you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else, but this is an iPad, it come with love installed, i think?

We went test driving a 4 wheel test drive too, what an excellent way to see a city!! Maybe if you were a tourist and you wanted to see a city, go test driving any car you can, it's one to remember, i saw half the city while Fillipo pretended to be interested (at least i think he was pretending?) in a Holden (don't take it on the grass) 4 wheel drive,  you hear it here!!

Fillipo brought me to a BBQ with some French people in Scarborough beach and the odd thing was the are French, hanging out with French, eating French food, no esky for beers, the question begs to be asked, just what is the point of being in Australia, if you want to live in the 'French style'?

One guy spent $950 on a bike, but didn't get the most important thing, the esky, unbelievable!

It reminded me of the scene in 'Apocalypse now', the French family living like they were in France, but in the Jungle, oh please, if you want to be in France, just go there!!!

Get this if you live in oz!!

But get an Esky in France too, it has a million uses, i'm not trying to start a revolution here!

Pol Pot did speak French, and he did spend a bit of time walking the streets of Paris, can we maybe draw a conclusion between the two? No?
Well anyways, walking the streets of Paris is something i would recommend to anyone at anytime, maybe even you?

Couch surfer Filipo and myself

Fillipo told me when he cam to Perth all he wanted to do was travel, his travel buddys stuff was stolen, so he ended up working, so he couldn't go and now he's still here, the last time he came back was on a tourist visa, the company that sponsored him were too lazy to process his visa application in time, so he got questioned for 3 and a half hours, the Malaysian couple that let him stay for free fro 3 and a half years luckily for him gave the same story to customs, and he was allowed back in, one last time on a tourist visa, he wouldn't be allowed back again, now he is sponsored, a very lucky man indeed!

He must be the luckiest man to be strolling the streets of Perth!!

Fillipos house

Fillipos house, Part 2:

Andy called up too to ask if i wanted to ride shotgun with him, on a road trip to Brisbane, mid March, why not?

Life is the road, and the road provides

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