Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It's game on, and now we will go into extra time

While waiting in Immigration, Brisbane basically looked like this

A man goes in a door.... not just any door, i was expecting (if i could be called a man) a quick in and out procedure, go in and smile pay some money and then i'be out, with another 5 year visa for Australia.

But this wasn't to be, apprently, i'm much smarter than i think, for i had calculated the days, long before the hazy daze of Christmas set in and there's me thinking, 'Who would mind if i snuck out the back door and came in the front door.....', but enough about doors, this is nothing to do with doors.

Anyways, it would appear, by popular demand (20 million aussies) waunt me to stay another 3 weeks to fufill my Visa requirements, and where better to do it.

So, i will be here for basically 1 month, so now, plans have changed, 'The plan is everything and the plan is nothing', that plan worked for the D-Day invasion and it will work for me too.

Protesters demand the release of Myanmar democracy Aung San Suu Kyi, outisde of the UN in New York.

So now, since i've been taking in all these couch surfers, maybe some 'kind' folk will take me in, maybe it will give me an oppurtiounity to see 'things differnt', i saw enough to last me many lifetimes over Christmas, but that's another story (to quote Biggie Smalls)

So, the benifits of staying: 
I get to do Yoga everyday
I get to enjoy summer life and i dont mind the warm rain either
I get to go to the Gym every day (except the weekend, that's only for nerds)
I started doing indoor climbing in the gym and thats exciting, for me
I will do some couch surfing, here, Yeah!!
I get to say goodbye to most people again, Yeah!!
20 Million people want that, is this an excuse to crash any house party?
I get to hang out with my friends some more and say goodbye again

As long as i can stay away from TV and news papers, it will be a good....happy ending? Why not? Dont mind if i do! :)

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