Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Kierans waits, the world holds their breadth

Well well, what an exciting week it's been.

How, exciting? Well, i went to immigration to get my new visa, you've read this before, but a series of things clicked in my brain, again!

Brain of mine, what are you up to, is there a crafty plan? Coz i'm in, lets go for a ride and lets see where we end up!

I get a text message saying
'Isn't it about time we got the divorce done?'
 And i couldn't have agreed more, in fact after i type all these words, i will be doing just that, followed by gym and home time, another home, Dave's home to be correct, which will be my un official home, when I'm not couch surfing my self here in Melbourne

We kinda started partying a bit early, i did anyways, 4 bottles of Champagne and what a trip it was!
It was raining cats and dogs to begin with, Boo!

But the rain was warm, Yes!! Lets go out dancing in the rain, which was all a bit too much for Dave to take in, after being 3 weeks back in Ireland

Freezing cold in Ireland, come back to Oz, and dance with some Cork fella (ahem, me) in the rain, he was in need of adjusting himself, and it happened for him too

I took a 2 day leave of absence while Dave got acclimatized to life back in Australia, the house, housemates, going back to work.

So, i was going to go up to Brisbane, but the responses were basically, that there are too many people volunteering and all the couch surfers were full. No point adding to the problem, i will wait for the official response, after all i am registered to go and help.

But until then, i will keep myself busy filing the divorce (a little over due), as it turns out when it's all over i will be legal, again, until i will continue to consider myself 'Barely legal'.

Oh, oh and Rainbow serpant is on this weekend, which i got myself a ticket, but there could be flooding there too, but it's a festival and i got a ticket for the Roskilder festival too, plenty of water, it's a global phenomena, a growing one.

 That's the rant for today folks, it's all good, in the hood.

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