Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lets start the machine up again and see were we go, go, GO!!

They say......who ever they are, and they are right, in this instance? What instance you say? Whats he saying now?

Well they say, stupid is as stupid does, and i'm one of the dumbest, why? Because i just spent the best part of 30 WHOLE minutes, trying to get some streming radio going on a library computer, so that i could bang out a few 'choice' lines to you (the people that matter, you know who you are) and it's all been a big feckin waste of time.

And i've just taken the earphones out of my ears and now i have 13 minutes to write something that makes sence that might capture the mood from the last few days, or else what was the point and i have to transfer money to buy a tent

Why i bothered? God only knows?

 So whats been happening? Flash backs where are you now?

 ........and now we have 3 monutes left.
It took all that time to transfer money using Microsoft, IE, 2 Minutes, this is starting to feel like Fight Club, when all wanted was to do something good.

1 Minute, got to post this pile of crap or else you wont be able to read it.

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