Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The rainbow in you is the rainbow in me

Well, well, i just got back from a festival, which festival? Rainbow Serpent, it was the bomb!

Now, i was packing up this morning, and i started chatting with a random guy passing, who filled me in on a few things.

Firstly, it's called Rainbow Serpent because you go up and down, you stick with it, from Friday until Tuesday, you learn lessons and you get the magic, this i now get, yesterday morning i was so burnt out i told someone
'I dont give a fuck if i stay or go'
Then i went to say hello to my awesome neighbours, in the Blue tent built by a guy from Ballerat called Navi (Ivan backwards) and the theme was to get back on the horse and get into the Monday Madness. How could i say no?

Some chick told me that Monday was the best day, hard to believe, but true, it was, it was, we were well rested and we totally got into it.

I would like to thank Immigration for requesting me to stay for another 3 weeks, before giving me another visa, you made the Rainbow happen, Air Asia for fucking up my booking and making the Rainbow happen, Cathy Duggan for giving me the idea for going to the festival, to all the people that were cool enough to be themselves, the kindness i was shown, that everyone was shown, Saturday for feeling like 4 days in 1, the chicks from America that gave me beers, beers, beers, sharing is caring, the care bares knew it and everyone on the weekend knew it too!!

To the person that found the bottle of Vodka that we dropped, i hope you enjoyed it, you probably deserved it, probably?

So the Ballarat crew was the main crew i hung out with, maybe they adopted me, they certainly made me feel very welcome, so too did the 2 Americano chicks and their crew, they were awesome too, one of them was the splitting image of my friend from Florida Jen Shockly, looked like her, talked like her, it was AMAZING!!

I will be getting another tattoo next week at the Melbourne Tattoo convention, my friend Cassie wants to go swimming next Sunday, it will be 37 degrees, i want to go swimming also,  but not if the tattoo happens, which it will.

I just love all the Ideas that came into my head, it was amazing, the people were amazing, we were one, i was everyone, everyone was me.

It's new hope for the future, i have now upped my standards, what are you going to do?

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