Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sun is shining, well after all, it is Summer?

Photos are from a singing workshop i attended, well part of anyways.

I think Bob Marley summed it up here, with a song called 'Sun is Shining'

When the morning gathers the rainbow
Want you to know i'm a rainbow too
So, to the rescue here i am
Want you to know just if you can
Where i stand, know, know, know, know, know
I made some notes from the Rainbow Serpent festival, that i would like to share with some of ye, the enlightened ones and certainly the maybe-one-day-enlightened

So, among all the dance parties we had, included Saturday afternoon's dance party by the red bus, i didn't bring my camera, because i know i would have seen it for exactly what it is, an object and chucked it away.
Among the random things we/I/Everybody was doing, i was practicing my golf swing, some were interested, after we gave 100%, and then gave it some more, just to be sure we were there, i was asking people
'Were you there?'
some people just nodded and knew.
One chick was saying
'Where, where, what are you on about?'
'Argh, you weren't there, it was the 60's all over again, where were you?' It was crazy!1
My favourite chant

The first night i spent all night looking for a tree, the tree my tent was next too, there weren't many tree's near, how hard could it be
The conversation pretty much went like, 'I'm looking for a tree', 'Which tree?' people would ask, me, 'A tree that comes out of the ground.
The next morning when the sleepy sun could be bothered shining a bit of light on the subject, i found the tree, but then what?

When i was looking for the tree, life had a purpose, it was a journey of self discovery, i lost myself, i found myself, i found a lot of hope, i met lots of great people that wanted me to hang out and that's all i really needed.

When the festival was over (almost) on Tuesday, some chick was still dancing by herself, in another world on the dance floor, i heard, i  packed up and walked to the gate, the bus would be one hour, i decided to try and hitch a lift, i got a lift in 1 minute from a photographer, Durham, he was telling me all about Japan, they eat raw chicken there, no body would believe that, but i guess seeing is believing?

One more?

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