Thursday, 20 January 2011

Today i have 6 minutes, but who's counting?

Right, yesterday i ran out of time, today, i have 6 minutes and you will get exactily what you paid for, this.

Right, so whats happening? Everything is ready for Rainbow Serpent, the old 'to do' list is working a treat, i got nearly everything ready, i'm all ready to lose my mind on the weekend with other 'like minded people'

The kind of people that live in Fitzroy, where i used to live and i'll be going back, do you hear that Fitzroy!!

I'm coming back, life at Daves is going well, Yaz thins morning told me she want to have a bit of a party tonight with us, that was after she wrote
'Kirin is crazy'
And why not, it could be my send off, of sorts.

 Dave has his head straight too, he's learning stuff, from me of all people and now he's comparing me to a Sage?

Too funny indeed, and now we have 1 minute and now i post this!


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