Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wanna go to a Wranger party? But of course!! What was i supposed to say?

This gate is what i should have been looking for on Friday night, when i was lost!!
Parties, parties at the Rainbow Serpent, oh it was too much, it really was, it never stopped.

Ok, so, the one i went to with heard about was the 'Wranger party', since it was my first time there, i had no idea what to expect, but, there was a Wranger party and people turned up, all in Orange, i got 2 namils panted, i still have them painted, i got my toes painted by the pretty boy Ryan, but that's another story.

Other parties included a German Glitter party, a white T-Shirt party.
There were so many crazy costumes, i was hanging out with the crew from Ballarat and 2 zebras came in to the tent, on 2 legs. Apparently one of their mates got the costumes in China and they are getting more for next years Rainbow. Anything that would look outrageous in 'Normal' society, was totally acceptable there, if you were in casual clothes that festival, you would look sooo out of place.

Is it dream time yet? Yes, here's one Rainbow Serpent story

Other things i learnt, if you mix ginger ale with Goon (cheap cask wine), it's actually a good drink, i heard that from an Belgium guy and an Aussie, King Nicholas he called himself from Ballerat.

On Sunday i went on a beer run, missed the Glitter party, it was too hot and i needed to buy beer for the good citizens that gave me beer, i got a lift off of a young couple, i got the beer and vodka and got on the bus that i just missed and was back in the camp in no time at all. All you needed was a thought and people could pick up on it and give you what you were thinking about.

Lots of people brought supplies for freinds and friends they were going to meet, what a good idea!!

I got a t-shirt for $10 from Mr bucket, man that's normally in the Fitzroy market, a very cool guy. I met a guy that crochet's bikinis.....for women, it's the only habbit he has been doing longer than smoking, and he was good too!

There was an Irish flag near my tent, no one Irish was there, it was just a land mark for them, fair enough i suppose, it's as good reason as any?

The closing creamony, the Aboriginl people that talked, talked very impressively, they even did a kangaroo dance, which was good to see.

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