Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Will i, wont i? That attitude just wont do!!

So after much humming and hawing (not yawning, strictly no yawning) i said good bye to Fitzroy, but the rest of my stuff on the street, filled up more of my neighbors bins with my unwanted rubbish, some can be recycled, some, happy new year to my neighbors that are cool with that, or even 'Put your hands up for...'

I digress, i was actually looking out the window, in my gym, i logged out and back into Failbook, and then i didn't want to cycle to Daves, to in the rain and i do have a lot of coins in my bag, not any ordinary bag of coins.

Let me explain, first I would like to thank Damo (you know who you are), I heard he was going to Japan, i bought him a Lonely Planet book in a garage sale for $3, then he told me he didn't need it, he was going to take notes, great i thought i'll get it back, a very god investment!!

I got it back today, and my little bag if coins i have been saving up for a rainy day bought us Coffee, a good investment and it's been bucketing down with rain, a rainy day, dont ever save!!!

Next step, i invested in a jug of beer with Fayez, who spent the last 2 months in a detention centre and pretty much confirms everything i already know about the detention centre, and immigration in fact.

Rule 1, if your dealing with an Aussie, you are fine, life is cool, welcome to the lucky country.
Rule 2, if your dealing with an immigrant, that's from a culture with a cast (system), your basically fucked
He was really fucked until the Aussie manager told him he shouldn't be there, he was embarrassed that he was put there and he was doing his best to get him out, 1 week later, he's out and that's all you need to know about immigration. Thank you Australia.

Moving on, i said goodbye to Kathy, as it turns out, she was the chick that kicked me out of Gypsy bar, Christmas eve, which would make Johana's (did i spell your name right?) from Germany comments
Johanna said, 'I think the person working must of known you really well, she said 'Kieran, get out, you cant come in like that', you cant and i did and if i cant do it, no one can do it.
Kathy knows me well, she's from Cork as well, so i dont have to add anything to that.

The bag of coins, the bag of coins, we are back to the bag of coins (secretly, i wish they were a bag of magic beans, but that's  another story)

I gave all the non gold coins to the the guys cleaning my clean house and now 2 gold coins will get me home, where Bendigo st, Burnley, home sweet home and then Malaysia, Japan and the other home in Ireland.


 Still no pictures for you, pretty crap isn't it and now your scratching your head wondering if it's been worth reading down as far as here? I guess we will never know? Where is the visual entertainment you might think?

If you know, tell me!! :)

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