Monday, 28 February 2011

Some insane history and some real CSI Perth gossip

Couch surfer Fillipo's pool, it was very wet!

So, for the weekend i switched to couch surfer Fillipo, he collects me, he takes me back to his place and we go fishing, i caught about 5 fish, 4 were 'Blowfish' or 'Blowies', what to do when they come biting?

Vegetarians, avert your eyes, do not read this paragraph!!
Stab them in the guts and throw them in the bushes!! Then they think they're kangaroos and they hop all over the place, sometimes hours, they are regular Mexican jumping beans when they get going!

I did catch one proper fish, i hooked him in the 'EYE'! I'm thinking it was maybe a worlds first, i got a fish and bait back too, i was thinking for a bit that Fillipo was going to throw him back in again, but, i did get him in the  eye, he was coming with us! That was plain to see, any one could see that.... i digress.

I was in a store the next day, i was chatting with the assistant while testing a Frisbee, in store, of course, turned around, then back and launched into 'I caught a fish in the eye story'....

Which was good, except it was a different guy this time, and the guy that was now standing there must of though i was an escaped lunatic from 'somewhere', all he said was 'Far out', which seems to be a pretty stock answer to most things i say here, is it me or them, i'm thinking?

The guy there before him might of thought i was just a reformed lunatic, but nobodies perfect, right?

Some Freemantle history? Read about Anne at the bottom!
I'm thinking if her husband put her in there after every baby she had, that would have been a key indicator as to why she kept having babies? Maybe the 'problem' was the husband? Maybe it was some kind of 'temptation island', lunatic asylum? She probably went crazy for that shit, I know i would!

Then we went shopping, i think? All i know is i went looking at bunny rabbits and Koi fish, the Koi were $39 and they were big too, the sales assistant was going to get price checks for me too, they had more coming in!

Anyone with a Koi or Japanese goldfish tattoo (as myself) should be an easy person to sell these items to, until i pointed out i was just hanging out while i was waiting for my mate buying fishing stuff next door.

Crazy stuff?

Moving along, i went in to an apple store and i had a go on an iPad and i loved it, but as you know you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else, but this is an iPad, it come with love installed, i think?

We went test driving a 4 wheel test drive too, what an excellent way to see a city!! Maybe if you were a tourist and you wanted to see a city, go test driving any car you can, it's one to remember, i saw half the city while Fillipo pretended to be interested (at least i think he was pretending?) in a Holden (don't take it on the grass) 4 wheel drive,  you hear it here!!

Fillipo brought me to a BBQ with some French people in Scarborough beach and the odd thing was the are French, hanging out with French, eating French food, no esky for beers, the question begs to be asked, just what is the point of being in Australia, if you want to live in the 'French style'?

One guy spent $950 on a bike, but didn't get the most important thing, the esky, unbelievable!

It reminded me of the scene in 'Apocalypse now', the French family living like they were in France, but in the Jungle, oh please, if you want to be in France, just go there!!!

Get this if you live in oz!!

But get an Esky in France too, it has a million uses, i'm not trying to start a revolution here!

Pol Pot did speak French, and he did spend a bit of time walking the streets of Paris, can we maybe draw a conclusion between the two? No?
Well anyways, walking the streets of Paris is something i would recommend to anyone at anytime, maybe even you?

Couch surfer Filipo and myself

Fillipo told me when he cam to Perth all he wanted to do was travel, his travel buddys stuff was stolen, so he ended up working, so he couldn't go and now he's still here, the last time he came back was on a tourist visa, the company that sponsored him were too lazy to process his visa application in time, so he got questioned for 3 and a half hours, the Malaysian couple that let him stay for free fro 3 and a half years luckily for him gave the same story to customs, and he was allowed back in, one last time on a tourist visa, he wouldn't be allowed back again, now he is sponsored, a very lucky man indeed!

He must be the luckiest man to be strolling the streets of Perth!!

Fillipos house

Fillipos house, Part 2:

Andy called up too to ask if i wanted to ride shotgun with him, on a road trip to Brisbane, mid March, why not?

Life is the road, and the road provides

Sunday, 27 February 2011

24/7 Couch surfing heaven, where? Perth of course!!

Couch surfer Selbys balcony

Well kids, let me tell you whats been happening since Melbourne.

On a whim i decided to come out west, and since i've been here this time, i see Western Australia in a completely different way, it's like i was blind before, maybe i was a bit blind drunk? That wouldn't of helped to much, but it was what was, that was then, this is the now and it's

A tree in Kings park, is it just any tree?

So, i was supposed to stay with couch surfer Steve the first night, the only problem was the busses from Perth airport stop pretty early and he's in East Freemantle, this would be obvious to anyone looking at a map, this is probably why it wasn't obvious to me, so i rang another couch surfer, Selby to be exact to say hello and touch base, before long Selby offers to come pick me up, nice one Perth, we are off to a great start!!!

The tree's journey, it's quite a backpacker that tree!
The tree stood in the way of progress, progress being a new road way up north, so they plucked it from the earth and brought it south on a truck, quite a journey!

As it turns out Selby knows her neighbours because the couch surfers got chatting to them, i got chatting to Anthony next door, he;'s Prescilia's boyfriend, they met on the internet, he was in Greece, she was in Perth.

It strike me as quite strange why someone would look for guys in Greece, but he's moved here after sending emails for 6 months and they seem pretty happy, so why not?

Fucked up feet

The first day, i get a face book message from Doctor Nadia, the 23 year old with a lap top (why did i think of lap dance when i was writing this? Nadia, are you thinking what i'm thinking? After all, you do like dancing, how hard could it be..........hold on, what am i on about again?)

So i go to another doctor, the first was Doctor useless, he told me...
'Your system is run down, take a multi vitamin tablet, you'll be better in a few days'
And i was dumb enough to believe that, now i have to question all my belief 'systems', the tooth fairy, Santa Clause, god.....anal sex? Where is this going?

 Then Doctor Flash, licking my toes, Doctor Nadia (Who's not really a doctor) and Doctor John, the immigrant Perth medical centre that gets me on the steroids and antibiotics, since i'm no longer anti-antibiotics anymore, i gladly too his advice and my leg started becoming normal again, than FUCK!!

Fucked up hands to match, yes please?

God bless you, you immigrants, hold  i'm one of those too!! Legend! I think?

It reminds me of when i was in St Kilda, my friends with Nicholas, Jennifer and James, the St Kilda festival was still going in our heads, they were jumping from stumps, maybe 10 feet to other stump's, one kid could make it, but didn't want to make the jump, he said he liked his teeth and he wanted to keep them, his response was:
'I dont know why, but chick's dont want to kiss guy's missing their teeth?, But we can do anything'
And then he did a cart wheel, just to prove his point, classic!!

So, then i was a bit laid up for a few days, which in to a bad thing
'now the drugs dont work, they just make it worse......'
 That's all true, except in my case they were making everything better, real fast!!

I wasn't feeling too social, as you might be able to imaging, i would be remembered as the Irish guy with the fucked up hands and feet, so i sat on the balcony and read a great book by Tim Winton, 'Cloudstreet', an Australian Classic along with David Sedaris 'Naked', oh happy days, good tunes and meals prepared by yours truly!

Perth from Kings park.....not at 12 noon

It's funny, my valentines gift from the Richmond library was a book about Western Australia, all the signs pointed to the west, and it seems the west is the best, it defiantly has 'another country' or a country within a country feel to it and i like it!!

And that was only the beginning...

Saturday, 26 February 2011

There's something about Tegan (Part 2)

Videos are from the St Kilda festival

Where i left you in part 1 of this story, myself Booke and Tegan were hanging out on Brunswick st, Brooke wanted a bike, my friend Kate with the shop on Brunswick st had the exact one (in my mind anyways) going for a song at $69, but by the time we made it there, it was all gone, it was a buyers market that day and we were late.

More carving going on here than a butchers shop!

Never to fear, the next window was the star attraction anyways, it has been for the past few months, people have been dripping their secrets in the letter box and the occupants to the house (attached to the letter box, obviously) have been posting them on their window.

I'm there 4 times, but whos counting, right?

All the photos are from a window on Brunswick st, Fitzroy North, around the corner from where i used to live

I have photos from the last window, instructions on what to do when 'Ninja camel in helicopters invade', really good advice!!! I found it really helpful!!

The only thing left to do after reading the secrets (some of which i posted here) was to go for really cheap ice cream in La Porchetta, Rathdown st, ice cream in a cone as big as your head for $2,50, Mamma Mia!!!

On the way over we passe through the park where Michelle and myself met Bonzo and the place his owner called 'the spot', which was more like a pit or maybe his downfall.

You see, if you sell pot in a kids park, in North Carlton, with cashed up, university educated white parents that have read all the books on breast feeding and nurturing their baby, the last thing they want their little 'Cedric' or 'Emma louise' viewing is pot deals by a guy that thinks having a dog is the perfect cover?

We're cool, we've got ice creams in our pockets!!

The parents in turn will have visions of the place turning in to something out of 'Boys in da hood', with drive by shootings and pimps giving hookers crack to keep them under control!

 No, that had to be nipped in the bud, now the last dog in the world you will see in that park is Bonzo, no sir, he's gone and cleaned up his act, his owner has been moved along to a different spot too, one with iron bars for windows.

Sounds airy eh, you can almost feel a breeze?

Eventually, we go the ice creams, photos were taken, for historic purposes, of course. I made a promise to the girls, of course that when i convert to being Muslim, i would take both of them as wives, but we would have to get another 3 (after April 2nd i will be divorced offically, so then we can take it up to 4, until then, the rules are the rules people!!)

By the time the ice cream was all over, it after 6pm, had the day flown by that fast? And there was still the original date of Mac Donalds to keep!

For years Mac Donalds has sold a promise to Australia, i failed in my promise, but the girls didn't seem too upset, but that's love for you, it comes in a bag, with a little toy and then you ......hold on, what am i on about again?

Before i left Tegan and Brooke, Tegan told me that she thought she would never see me again, Brooke said she knew she would, if this were a points game, that would be an extra 10 points to Brooke, maybe Brooke is in touch with the universe too?

Off we went in our differnt ways and what an enjoyable afternoon it was, in an area i truly thought i would not see again until August, when i was due to be back from Europe.

 Every time i go back to Fitzroy, i get something i dont get anywhere in Melbourne, i feel it every time!!!

My only regret, was not singing this to the girls as they walked away.....
The Angles, 'Am i ever gonna see your face again'

That would have been puff-fect!!!


There is something about Tegan (Part 1)

Photos are from the St Kilda Festival
Jennifer King Nicholas and myself

So it was Valentines day, i promises i would bring Rachel and Nadia to Mac Donalds, it being Valentines day, romance was in the air and, i rightly pointed out, if i brought chicks out, it would double my chances, but as anybody knows, a little maths lesson:
2 * 0= 0, or maybe the logic was lost on me?
And what were the chances? God knows, but it sounded good, if not memorable.

So, knowing all this, i booked my flight on a Tuesday, the day after Valentines day, and the Sunday before was St Kilda festival.

So, the girls were in town, the other 'kind', introducing Tegan and Brooke, they are 2 chicks i met in Bolivia, i had Tegans number and i'm sure she had my number the first time we all met, not that would have been too difficult? Since we met in the Wild rover, in La Paz, Bolivia. If you were there, i dont need to say any more.

So, Tegan and Brooke were going to the festival, i was too, texting  ensued, and before long we are making commitments to meet up, i text them telling i was in the front of the Espy, everybody knows where it is, it's only the most famous bar in Australia, Tegan is telling me she is in some tent, then in some toilets, lots of noise going on, i thought i was speaking English, the Queens English to be specific, which is funny because i wasn't understanding a word, had we evolved that much since we last met?

In from of the Espy, everybody was there

'In front of the Espy, cross over the walkway, the folk stage on the beach side'
That's what some random chick tells Tegan, some guy tells her the same thing, in English too!! It goes on and on, she's wearing pink or something, maybe clothes? And then she says, maybe on the 6th phone call 'Flemington' and i'm like 'Thats the other festival, 15 kms away', surprised? We were separated by 15 kms of madness, but who was i to complain?

I read recently:
'The distance between each atom vibrating on a minute level is the same distance between the earth and the sun'
Maybe 15 kms wasn't too great a distance after all?

I saw this guy standing next to a church

But i digress....
Whats even more surprising is that no one at that festival did not know the Espy? Kids today, Gen Y
 is surely going to hell for their ignorance.

So, 24 hours pass and i go to meet the girls in Northcote and i can, only because i promised happy meals the week before to 2 other girls, the 2 girls that i helped bring a car to Fitzroy on the Saturday are you still with me?

You gotta shake what yo mamma gave you!

The Saturday while waiting for some man covered in grease to check out Nadia and Rachel's car, i went for a walk and i bought a few books, the story's here.

I also bought 'We are one' (remember this title) a Lonely Planet picture book, something told me to get it, i normally wouldn't, but since Christmas, i haven't been too distracted by news, news papers, iPods and all the distractions i see other people engaging in, not that they are any way engaged, oh and of course the sights and sounds of nature, i am becoming more and more aware of the universe, it's like it's talking to me and the book 'Way of the Wizard' outlines all this, coincidences? They are not!!

Myself and James from Rainbow serpent

Some Wizard lessons:
The appearance of limitation arises because this world is a school, or a training ground and hte basic rule here is, however you see yourself, so you see the world
This separate person you seem to be talking to, isn't separate, we are one and at that level that we are one, non of your problems exist 
How interesting?

I bought a Lonely Planet book for Ireland, it has pictures and words for a friend of a friend, Tara, who can read ...words and who is going to Ireland, she was supposed to be going to my sisters wedding with me, now that i cant go (due to immigration party poopers!) , i hope she will, she will be less trouble than me and maybe she'll sing a little song, wouldn't it be nice?

After all she is going to London to launch her career, what better way to do it, some random wedding, maybe she will get noticed and picked up and maybe she might sing a little song too? Nice?

Jennifer and myself, us?

Back to the story......
The book 'The way of the wizard' found me , i bought other books and now i've found good homes for them,  it's funny with 'Lonely planet', the one of the lessons from the 'Way of the wizard', is:
 You are never lonely when you use , 'Us' or 'We', and you are when you use 'I', 'Me' or 'You'
Interesting? Just reprogram your mind with some simple little words
So, i eventually met the dynamic due in Northcote the day after the 'Festivals', they snuck up on me like Colombian assassins, minus the motorbike, gun and bullet to the head.

Polite greeting's were exchanged and the party was relocated to Brunswick st, i cycled, they tramed it, on the way i met my neighbor Kate and a beer was offered? How could i say no? I saw a doctor about my foot and hand infection the previous day, he said,
'Your immunion system is low, take a multi vitamin tablet you will be better in a few days'
I took plenty of multi vitamin tablets, it wasn't getting better, in fact it was getting worse, to be a bit more specific.

Now for a real doctor, Dr Flash

Before long Dr Falsh was licking my feet and i'm having a beer, i was told it would be good as the enzymes from a dogs saliva is good for infections, he seemed to know more than the first doctor, what could possibly go wrong? The beer ws not good for the foot, but how could i say no?

The foot, better it was not getting.

I eventually met the 2 girls, after they got lost in my instructions, and they had lunch, while i waited in from to Gypsy bar.

We moved the party on again to the Veggie bar, when it came to order i asked the girl for something different, as i always have the Mexican Burrito, while i complemented her apron, i uttered something like.
Me: 'Is that apron yours or is it from the restaurant?'
Waitress: 'It's mine'
Me: 'It looks very homely' 
Which it did, it like she was out the back baking cookies, she was going to get me something different, then i got what i always get, The Mexican burrito, which was kick ass!!

A homely apron 

But i tried, may be the universe wanted me to eat that burrito and be happy, something which i was glad to do.
But if you don't ask for what you want, you'll always get what you don't want, except i was fortunate to get something that i always like. But i'm wondering, is there anything on that menu that could be disliked?

And i did like the apron, too bad the chick in the apron disliked my approval? Why did she wear it in the first place? Now i wonder if that chick could bake cookies? I guess i'll never know, did i tell you i like Tim Tams?

I like Tim tams so much i don't know why you would be want to get flour all in your hair, floor and celling. Plus have your mom coming home and screaming at you to bake cookies?

So you see, she must be good! That apron was piratically her uniform as to say
'I bake cookies and i don't care what my mom thinks!'
A ghetto baker of cookies and I'm a bit of a cookie monster, all kinds please!!

This could have been me in a past life

Tegan and Brooke want to start a new business, she told me her mom said she should be a prostitute, now i dont know if you know this, this is a very Aussie thing, i mean, for a mom to say something like that.

I told Tegan her mom must have a very good sense of humor or she is very honest.

Which is funny, in Ireland, the last person to find out anything is your mom, in Australia, your mom is the first, i had to laugh and there is no way an Irish mom would say anything like that, without dying from a flying fork related injury.

I had to laugh, then we went for ice-creams and to look at some Fitzroy secrets.....

 To be contiued..........

Friday, 18 February 2011

This happened after the St Kilda festival

To tell you the tooth, the festival was still going on, in our heads anyways, here's what went down, there was a very Rainbow Serpent festival feel to it.

Later i will recant a story Nicholas told me, which is true....

Nicholas told me, there was once a guy in China, a local, he meets someone along his path, walking to his town.
The visitor says: 'What's the next town like?'
The local says: 'What was the last town like?
The visitor says: 'I didn't like the people'
The local says: 'Well you wont like the next town either, dont go there'

This was probably related to my comments in relation to St Kilda, my problem is i tend to compare all suburbs to where i like, and that happens to be Fitzroy.
St Kilda was great that day, due to the people i was hanging out with, not that it's ever been bad for me, but it does attract assholes, it's a magnet for them, where all the video footage was taken, i know someone was attacked by some asian gang a few weeks for no apparent reason.

But, it is a goo point, none the less, and i've decided, when i become Mr Citizen of Australia, the first place i will go will be South America, probably Brazil, Mais que nada? Of course, every time!!!

Mais que nada? (More for nothing) Of course, every time!!!

Oh, and this is the lucky last!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pssst, wanna hear a crazy story?

Hello folks, i would like to tell you briefly one of my experiences with the universe, at Rainbow Serpent and since Rainbow Serpent, which i think i worth telling and defiantly worth remembering, ok?

So, i noticed i had a few extra people 'like' my blog from the face book app, to your right, so i had a bit of a look see, to see what i could see, see, sea?

It turns out, Navi, the ring leader of the Ballarat crew that basically adopted me at the Rainbow Serpent festival checked out my blog.

  • So, i added him as a freind, to which he accepted
  • I had a look through his friends and added 'King Nicholas', who lives in St Kilda
  • Nicholas invites me around to his for the St Kilda festivities, you cant drink on the street, big fines, but everybody does anyways
  • James Rocks up, I'm looking at him trying to figure out where i met him, then it clicks, i tell him i've been thinking about his 'choice' words since he said them and the booking i'm reading explains everything  i've been thinking about
  • James was the guy that told me about the meaning of Rainbow Serpent, you can apply this to anything you do in your life (except wanking or maybe especially wanking?) 
You have the ups and downs, you learn your lessons and the magic happens!

  • Some one gave me a 'Special' sticker on the dance floor on the Monday afternoon dance party, i gave it to some chick, she gave it to someone else and it came back to me.
  • I gave the sticker to James when i met him, he ended up giving it to Navi
  • Navi is driving around Ballarat with this sticker on his dash board.
  • James never know i knew Navi, but he does now, we are one
  • This is the name of the book i bought for Tegan (that Brooke can read on the weekends)

Now, I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor of a sitting room in Richmond, i will too when i go back, but only for a bit

  • I helped Nadia and Rachel bring their car to a mechanic in Fitzroy last Saturday
  • While we waited i went to a shop that sold books and started looking at books, funny eh?
  • I picked up a book and i flicked through it, i saw the word 'transformation' and my brain said, thats it!! It was a book called 'The way of the Wizard' by  Deepak Chopra, he basically explains everything that i've been feeling in this book.
  • I tell James in King Nicholas and Jennifer's apartment on Sunday, James says 'I'm reading the same book
  • Unbelievable, later we went and watched 'Tijuana cartel', had a blast, we went to the beach, i went swimming, we went on the 'Sling shot', i told Nicholas he was going to be shot into outer space faster than he was shot out of his old mans balls, was i right? 
  • We went on nature walks, James and Jennifer were climbing a tree
  • Nicholas and James were doing chants to the universe
  • Cops came by to see what state we were in, we were feeling great, lying on some kind of 'Sponge grass', you could kip there easily and work on your moon tan
  • The moon was amazing, everything was, it was like i was at Rainbow again and i kinda was?
  • There was fire twirling action going on
  • We jumped from the path on to the beach and rolling (maybe i am a stunt man after all?)
  • They were jumping from concrete pillars, one kid that could do it didn't want to risk it as he said he might damage his teeth, he said 

'Chicks dont like kissing guys with no teeth, i dont know why?', a fine point, maybe it's one for the great minds of our time?
Nicholas and Jennifer go on the slingshot 

 The next day, i realized, there are certain kinds of people i need to be around, the inner wizard in me needs this, what an awesome day, with really enlightened people!

I go, with a guy called Tony

And the night wasn't over there.....later James told me he used to skate board.

This is the next calling for me, i want to skate, James said he would show me, was this whole experience  a process to reveal James the Skate board teacher? I could have been, i'm thinking?

Fantasy V Reality, it's time to roll with the punches

Photo is from a Cork nurse that was protesting about slave labour rates to be introduced for nurses in Ireland, the sign says it all

Right now, in Kierans 'perfect world', i would be waiting for a flight that will be departing Melbourne to KL in Malaysia, hanging out for the weekend, off to Japan for a month, then back to KL for some shopping, back to Ireland, say hello, take in a few sights of Berlin, back to Ireland, Roskilder festival and back to Melbourne, home sweet home.

Thats Fantasy, here's the real low down.

Australia told me 'Kieran, if you go walk about again, you walk out that door, dont ever come back, yeah hear!'

Jennifer and myself at St Kilda festival, we met at the Rainbow Serpent!

After hearing all kinds of stories from Immigration, i.e. come back in the 3rd of Feb, then it was come back in the 30th of August or make a special application to go.

I made a special application, i was told i could come back and get a visa on the 9th of March, than i asked about the 30th of August, then it was 'Oh, yeah, 30th of August is right' (after much head scratching)
Then i was told, if i left and came back on a tourist visa, i could get a job and switch back to a resident visa.

After much scratching my head, i leave wondering how that could be right, it's only taken me 11 years of extreme ups and downs to be here, i leave.

(Musical interlude, the friendly fires essential mix i am listening to has bird sounds mixed in, so perfect, i run out on the balcony to see if there is that bird digging the music, but alas, no bird, just some bird lover in some studio in the UK being creative, but it would have been cool!!! )

James posing, with stage prop

Remember the story about the Rainbow serpent folks? As told by James from Rainbow Serpent
You have the ups and downs, you learn your lessons and then the magic happens
Dig this!

I go to go home, to Richmond. Then i thought i'd go and have a $4 Pizza for dick heads, the old Punters club, now AKA Bimbos.

So i call in to Gypsy bar and talk to Tan, Tan is originally from Vietnam, she lived in Italy for a bit, and now she is here on a bridging visa, trying to stay here, she's spent a lot, we start chatting.I tell her,
'I dont feel comfortable with what Immigration told me, i want to talk to an Immigration lawyer'
Tan says
'Talk to my lawyer'
Later i call, he calls me back, he gives me the low down, if i go i could never come back, i would be gone, as soon as you can get citizenship, get it, they are changing all the laws again, it's going to get much harder.

You cant get the 457 visa's too easy either, that's the visa i would have went to from a tourist visa, the stepping stone, i was on that stepping stone for years, it was like being on the Titanic.

Fancy footwork with King Nicholas on the Beach, I later went swimming and why the hell not? I'm nearly 34 years of age, i can do what i want!

Basically, i was told a load of crap by immigration, probably because the guy wanted to go on a tea break, it will never happen again.

I will apply for citizenship just before Christmas, you can apply online, it's too easy, it's streamlined and comes through in 6 weeks, so this is the plan.

So, Japan has eluded me again, by the time i get the Citizenship and if i'm single (it hasn't been a big deal so far, it off to Brazil for me) i can feel it building up in me, i need to go back!
It will be like 'Brazil, do you remember me, yes? I've changed, now i'm all Australian'
Now, i'm in Perth, looking out on to a balcony, couch surfing, listening to 'Friendly fires' on the BBC Essential mix, oh yeah and it's going to be 31c today.

Sunset, with Tim Finn from Crowed house, playing in the back ground, it was amazing

Australia, i'm going nowhere, but i am in the most remote city in the world, and next week i'll be off 8 hours in to the desert to see the Auntie.

Melbourne, i will be back in about a month, get ready!!!

Two of the biggest trippers i know, my kind of people!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Adelaide, it was more than ok, ok?

'Boom', the name says is all, do i need to elaborate?

So, i've done told you all the best of the Adelaide big day out...i.e. 'Airbourne', now let me tell you some other stuff too, that was good....too?

Well one of the unexpected things, that you can always expect was the side shows, oh yeah, it's nice going to see all the big acts, but the side acts will always give you something you need that wasn't written anywhere and did it!! All i could think was, 'Gimmie more!!!' and it did, i filled me right up!!

Actually somebody was telling me they saw 'Armin Van Helden' last year and said he was amazing, which is funny, because i went to the same gig and he was RUBBISH, not just rubbish, FUCKIN RUBBISH, but that's people for you and it has nothing to do with this story, onwards and upwards, here we go.
One of the V girls, the best side party

One of the other V girls, they were there to look pretty, the one here looks a bit 'Ghetto', brain says
'She Oakland as hell / Raiders hat to the back / Gold Gazelles'

Highlights, highlights, let me give you a few....
Kid Kenobi, i miss read the program, so i got to the Boiler room stage, just as he finished, so i didn't see any of his act, but i did catch him a few month ago and he was rubbish,i was only giving him a second chance by going, the universe had other ideas, or maybe my brain was playing tricks on me, maybe it knew more that i let on, anyways it didn't happen.

It probably is a lot to write about nothing, but it needs to be said...moving on, did you know the universe is mostly nothing? Let me tell you more nothing, before we get on to the juicy bits.

Sitting on the balcony of the hostel i remembered the crew i couch surfed with in Jervis bay, i had an excellent time with them, as too they did with me. They have now since broken up, so i sent them a message, but where? I was new to town? I saw one place, it said 'XXX, fast internet'

So what does the brain think? Brain says, 'Go in and send the message, you don't have to do anything else', It never occurs to me to look at porn anyways, so what was there to lost? In i went, i go in looking for something resembling an Internet cafe, and before long i'm out the back door?

I know that doesn't seem right, to go into an Internet cafe, no coffee in sight, walk through some doors and out the back door and be looking at some pigeons, 'Fuck off pigeons!', so back in i go and access the situation, only to see little booths, that you can lock yourself into and surf the Internet, with tissues everywhere.

A chick from Limerick, the first of many people i was to meet that day

Now, for a guy for me, that grew up in Ireland, which i did, there could only be 2 explanations, everybody was watching funerals online or they were watching some seriously dodgy shit

Needless to say, i felt compelled to walk into a store and ask a youthful working in the 'normal-er' part of the XXX shop if there was Internet for 'normal' people, which there was and i went, but i didn't end up meeting my friends from Jervis bay.

Such as life, but i still had a good time with who ever happened to be there. Ok?

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Adelaide was all too normal and i wasn't expecting that, really.

Nick Cave + his band Grinderman

So, there were other things to see at the Adelaide big day out, Nick Cave as you can see was rocking out, which he always does, he was good, as he always does, and i never heard him live until i saw him at the Roskilder festival 2 years ago in Denmark.

The band with all the guts, Airburne

Well, i've already told yu about this band, do i need to tell you any more? Non? (thats a French word, i'm trying to entertainand educate the masses, i know i'm failing on both counts, but god loves a tryier!)

What can i say, i wanted to be in those beats and rifts and i did too!!

Nowm, the thing about the festival was to buy beer, you needed to buy tokens, each token was $3.50, for a beer it was 2 tolkens, for a pre mixed drink it was 3. Towards the end you didn't care about tolkens, here's all my tokens, gimmie drinking and the funny thing was when it was all over you'd scratch your head and wonder
'Where the feckin hell did all my money go? Did it just evaporate?

Soon to be ledgends!!

Getting to know the locals a bit better, in the V tent? Is V really for Very good?

Olaf says 'Hi', in a way only, that only he can do.

A German guy Olaf, that i met years ago in the Gallapagos on a 7 day cruise sometimes sends a mail to his friends, and i just love reading them mail out's.

The mails, Spelling mistakes and all, they read the same way he talkes, and there is something quite appealing in it for me, it's not tricky, a play with words, it's raw, it conveys the message and it strikes me a quite honest, do i need to go on?

Part of the reason i stick it here, is more for my benifit than yours, but if you dig it, the more the merrier
hello friends,

today after long time a sign of my life.
yes i still life and everthing is good.
how are you and whats up the last months?
i hop everbody is okay!

who is travel and where?
i am agian on tour.
since 3 weeks i am this time agian on suedamerika,i started on argentinien and i think i finsh on nord of brasil.(end of mai,only 7 ,months)

in this moment i am on nordchile on iqiuqe(400km befor peru) and than i travel down to the sued and later i cross the border to argentinien agian.
this is a long,long way.

tomorow i have a tandemfly for paragliding.(sorry me english is bad,i am no it)
i hop it is fine and i can enjoy this fly!
so my friends,i wish everbody good lucky,good time and dont forget to enjoy the nice life.

the germanyguy olaf

ps.who will travel the next year(2011) from anfang okt. antill after the year 2012 end of mai with my to

afrika,but not to the tourist contrys.
i look for a good travelbody!
who had experince or ideas with afrika and same hints?
i am lucky for everthing!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Airbourne and me

Well, i think Slash summed up the band Airbourne by saying
'They are from another planet'

Which of course they are, well the lead singer anyways, but what planet you might ask? Where, why can the pee-pol in NASA see this planet, is it a sign of the times, things to come, i don't really know, all i know is they are the saviours of Rock and Roll!!!

Now, picture this, if you will, i was first introduced to this 'Super group'? Was through a guy called Matt Clohessy, it's an Irish name and he used to pronounce it as Clo-hesey, which is totally wrong, but on with the story.

It was about 7 or 8 years ago and he used to bang on about this band, then one fine Saturday there was an 8 page in the Good Weekend (yes 8 pages, they never do 8 pages on anybody or anything)

The 8 pages detailed all their cunning stunts they would do, while they were rehearsing as in , just as someone would drive by, they would pretend to punch someone (the someone would be a dummy and the person driving past would think they had just witnessed a murder)

Yep, it's Rock and Roll we are talking about here, exciting stuff to watch, if you've paid your money and your up the front, if you were retired and going down the bowls club, it's understanding how a group of 'long hairs' from Whale watching town could test your (depleted) levels of endurance.

Since i never bothered to check the program, or print it out, i was quietly surprised to see they were playing, myself and Dave caught the show and what a show, they gave exactly what it says on the tin.

Their tour banner says 'No guts, no glory', well it took a lot of guts to do what they did.

Their crimes against civilization and common decency entailed:
  1. Climbing the huge scaffolding to the side of the stage and playing a guitar solo at the top
  2. Addressing people in the far off stands as 'Hey you fuckers in the stand, get up!!'
  3. Starting a mosh-pit
  4. Throwing beers at the audience
  5. Opening beers by banging the cans against his head and then throwing them at the crowd
  6. Referred to Adelaide as 'Rat-aleide'
  7. Drank a bottle of red wine and said 'South Australia, keep it cheap' (it's more funny that an actual crime, everybody laughed)
To name, just a few things, i've actually met the band at the Pyramid rock festival, about 8 years ago, i asked the lead singer what he was taking on stage, for he was like animal demented, he told me he was totally about the music.

I've never seen anything totally about anything like that, except maybe 'Animal Planet'?

He also told me his grand-father was sent to Australia for 'Stealing shit'

Airbourne was the highlight of the festival, they should have head lined it, it was exactly what i expected, crazy, brilliant and very exciting stuff!! sum it all up, they basically tore Adelaide a new asshole

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Oscar, the man they call 'Lopez'

Are you a cat lover?
I had a strange request a while back, it was 'Kieran, when am i going to be on your blog', a strange request, i will admit that, and since it hasn't happened very often, it might not happen again, why not bite the bullet and do this, it might never happen again and if your reading it, it will always be here.

Well, i think i was first introduced to Oscar, through Dave, Waterford Dave.

Dave had old housemates, the old housemates moved out before he had the chance to move out and restore his sanity, they moved out, sanity was restored, it was time for a 'New guy' to move in and shake things up a little.

The cat walk was in full swing at 71 Bendigo st

Enter El SeƱor Lopez, part time Mexican, part time Australian, full time wanna be gangster rapper, tough guy, Ballet dancer, i walk the walk (but in who's shoes?)

Everything is dramatised, with this guy, from the moment he wakes up, till when he sleeps, you might feel boring or even a bit tired just looking at him.

Half the time, you might wonder, 'I never thought i could reinact scenes from the Lion King, exactly 10 minutes from waking from my slumber', but now i do, maybe that was the reason i was supposed to meet this fellow, for he is more cartoon character than human, if that is humanly possible? Is it?

Now you can imagine, if you can. Oscar moving in, with Waterford Dave, it would never work, it would be like chalk and cheese, in a chalk and cheese salad, the chef's special.

It was like a pot that was left to boil and boil it did, it boiled over, tempers were cooled, they started again and now it's all happy family's, now life is perfect in the house, and there has been a few additions, me for one, a French couch surfer and an English bird that's looking forward to going to Mc Donalds on Valentines day with me, i'm bringing Nadia too.

If i'm paying, i'm keeping all the happy meal toys, but this is Oscars story, so lets keep the story straight.

Speaking of straight, Oscars 'old' girlfriend (that i can remember, that's met me before, that remembers me) is coming back (minus one cat with a urinary tract infection) which is strange, very strange, if you've met the guy.

A high point in my life?
But back to the urinary tract infection, that's what the story is about, isn't it? Well all i know about those 'types' of infections is, you get them, if your a female (are you learning a little bit more about the cat pee-pol?)
Well you get them if you've consumated love, done the deed, gotten laid or even faked an orgasms, so what does that tell you about the cat? Or anything, maybe the cat needs to be educated?
Time will tell, pee-pol.


Oscar, i hope this is what you wanted

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Some people hear voices... Some see invisible people... Others have no imagination whatsoever.

Salve, Marc, Ryan (AKA Pretty boy) and more mo-hawk than a mo- fo, Me 

Couch surfers after spending quality time learning stuff in the Immigration museum in Don two's, one of my favourite restaurants in the world, after Don Don's, and i've heard tell there is a Don three's in South Melbourne and i will get there too.....'s?

So, the delima hits me, as always about now, when i'm another 30 years older (if i even get that far, it might be dementia, if i'm lucky) it hits me, what the hell do i do now?
What will i write about? Write about what you know. One Korean Chick i met in northern Chile told me
'Kieran, i know your travel style, your Free style'
And i kinda like that analogy for i dont really know what the Fu*k i'm doing, but i hope i will capture the moment, so Kieran in the future with Dementia will go
'Oh yeah, now i get it, what the Fu*k am i on about again?' 
Exactly, so lets start here, shall we?

Ok, so i'm going to Japan and yet again, it's a bloody good job haven't left yes, and i would like to thank the Australian Immigration again in their supreme knowledge for stopping me and maybe the universe, universal pictures, no!

Why? Because the more i talk to people, the more info i get about places like Japan, i called into see a couch surfer in Fitzroy North the other day and she was telling me about the travel passes you can only buy OUTSIDE of Japan and she sent me a message offering me her Japan Lonely Planet guide book.

Even though the writers for Lonely Planet are a bunch of dorks and i wouldn't believe anything they tell me, i like the books they churn out, more than the other books other travel companies publish, and i got it for $3 at a garage sale, gave it to a guy going to Japan to teach English his name is Damo, now he doesn't think he will be going, with all the people abandoning ship in Ireland and getting out any way they can and they are, in floods, we had the floods too, maybe this is like a reverse monsoon?

Damo didn't really want it and i EVENTUALLY got it back, eventually, so the book has done a fair bit of travelling already, hell, that book has actually been to Japan, why wouldn't i believe anything in it, it HAS to know more than me, after all i am free styling here folks, who are you going to believe ?
(and it has pretty pictures!!!)

The believable choices are,
A: A book that has been spellchecked by a bunch of Dorks or 
B: A bunch of words strung together like a 'Pasta necklace' (it has become a theme for this entry, like it?) in the hope that someone will get some sort of pleasure, sort of? Do you even like pasta?

So anyways one of the things i learnt from Couch surfer Eliza was to get this pass, STA travel will sell me one, according to their website.

But they probably buy it down the road from where i can buy it, oh yeah, i can buy it there too and save about $150, so i think i'll go there myself, thanks STA travel, i haven't even talked to you guys yet (thank god) and i hope i never will!

Other news,i got books from the Library, one of which was Paulo Coelho, Zahir, it took me all of until half way through to decide he was jacking me around, this was in the library and i had the thought of David Sedaris, who is absolute legend, in my mind, oh to glimpse in to a mind like David Sedaris would be a wonderful thing, since i'm couch surfing in my mates Dave's place and his house mate Oscar isn't far off of what David Sedaris is, a tax payer probably being another one, it's the breadth of fresh air that i need, in between the odd cigarette or 2.

David Sedaris

 Eat all your pasta or you could end up like this guy

As promised a pasta necklace? Or did you think i was joking?

Can he be serious, your probably thinking?
[Right align this for the dorks that are too cool to look at porn]

The sculpture is of Morgante, Cosimo I's favourite dwarf sitting astride a very unhappy looking turtle. I said, "No more pasta, please!"
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