Sunday, 27 February 2011

24/7 Couch surfing heaven, where? Perth of course!!

Couch surfer Selbys balcony

Well kids, let me tell you whats been happening since Melbourne.

On a whim i decided to come out west, and since i've been here this time, i see Western Australia in a completely different way, it's like i was blind before, maybe i was a bit blind drunk? That wouldn't of helped to much, but it was what was, that was then, this is the now and it's

A tree in Kings park, is it just any tree?

So, i was supposed to stay with couch surfer Steve the first night, the only problem was the busses from Perth airport stop pretty early and he's in East Freemantle, this would be obvious to anyone looking at a map, this is probably why it wasn't obvious to me, so i rang another couch surfer, Selby to be exact to say hello and touch base, before long Selby offers to come pick me up, nice one Perth, we are off to a great start!!!

The tree's journey, it's quite a backpacker that tree!
The tree stood in the way of progress, progress being a new road way up north, so they plucked it from the earth and brought it south on a truck, quite a journey!

As it turns out Selby knows her neighbours because the couch surfers got chatting to them, i got chatting to Anthony next door, he;'s Prescilia's boyfriend, they met on the internet, he was in Greece, she was in Perth.

It strike me as quite strange why someone would look for guys in Greece, but he's moved here after sending emails for 6 months and they seem pretty happy, so why not?

Fucked up feet

The first day, i get a face book message from Doctor Nadia, the 23 year old with a lap top (why did i think of lap dance when i was writing this? Nadia, are you thinking what i'm thinking? After all, you do like dancing, how hard could it be..........hold on, what am i on about again?)

So i go to another doctor, the first was Doctor useless, he told me...
'Your system is run down, take a multi vitamin tablet, you'll be better in a few days'
And i was dumb enough to believe that, now i have to question all my belief 'systems', the tooth fairy, Santa Clause, god.....anal sex? Where is this going?

 Then Doctor Flash, licking my toes, Doctor Nadia (Who's not really a doctor) and Doctor John, the immigrant Perth medical centre that gets me on the steroids and antibiotics, since i'm no longer anti-antibiotics anymore, i gladly too his advice and my leg started becoming normal again, than FUCK!!

Fucked up hands to match, yes please?

God bless you, you immigrants, hold  i'm one of those too!! Legend! I think?

It reminds me of when i was in St Kilda, my friends with Nicholas, Jennifer and James, the St Kilda festival was still going in our heads, they were jumping from stumps, maybe 10 feet to other stump's, one kid could make it, but didn't want to make the jump, he said he liked his teeth and he wanted to keep them, his response was:
'I dont know why, but chick's dont want to kiss guy's missing their teeth?, But we can do anything'
And then he did a cart wheel, just to prove his point, classic!!

So, then i was a bit laid up for a few days, which in to a bad thing
'now the drugs dont work, they just make it worse......'
 That's all true, except in my case they were making everything better, real fast!!

I wasn't feeling too social, as you might be able to imaging, i would be remembered as the Irish guy with the fucked up hands and feet, so i sat on the balcony and read a great book by Tim Winton, 'Cloudstreet', an Australian Classic along with David Sedaris 'Naked', oh happy days, good tunes and meals prepared by yours truly!

Perth from Kings park.....not at 12 noon

It's funny, my valentines gift from the Richmond library was a book about Western Australia, all the signs pointed to the west, and it seems the west is the best, it defiantly has 'another country' or a country within a country feel to it and i like it!!

And that was only the beginning...


Janet said...

DUDE!! What is with the gross pictures of feet and hands?! What happened the person..think im going to vom.

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