Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Adelaide, it was more than ok, ok?

'Boom', the name says is all, do i need to elaborate?

So, i've done told you all the best of the Adelaide big day out...i.e. 'Airbourne', now let me tell you some other stuff too, that was good....too?

Well one of the unexpected things, that you can always expect was the side shows, oh yeah, it's nice going to see all the big acts, but the side acts will always give you something you need that wasn't written anywhere and did it!! All i could think was, 'Gimmie more!!!' and it did, i filled me right up!!

Actually somebody was telling me they saw 'Armin Van Helden' last year and said he was amazing, which is funny, because i went to the same gig and he was RUBBISH, not just rubbish, FUCKIN RUBBISH, but that's people for you and it has nothing to do with this story, onwards and upwards, here we go.
One of the V girls, the best side party

One of the other V girls, they were there to look pretty, the one here looks a bit 'Ghetto', brain says
'She Oakland as hell / Raiders hat to the back / Gold Gazelles'

Highlights, highlights, let me give you a few....
Kid Kenobi, i miss read the program, so i got to the Boiler room stage, just as he finished, so i didn't see any of his act, but i did catch him a few month ago and he was rubbish,i was only giving him a second chance by going, the universe had other ideas, or maybe my brain was playing tricks on me, maybe it knew more that i let on, anyways it didn't happen.

It probably is a lot to write about nothing, but it needs to be said...moving on, did you know the universe is mostly nothing? Let me tell you more nothing, before we get on to the juicy bits.

Sitting on the balcony of the hostel i remembered the crew i couch surfed with in Jervis bay, i had an excellent time with them, as too they did with me. They have now since broken up, so i sent them a message, but where? I was new to town? I saw one place, it said 'XXX, fast internet'

So what does the brain think? Brain says, 'Go in and send the message, you don't have to do anything else', It never occurs to me to look at porn anyways, so what was there to lost? In i went, i go in looking for something resembling an Internet cafe, and before long i'm out the back door?

I know that doesn't seem right, to go into an Internet cafe, no coffee in sight, walk through some doors and out the back door and be looking at some pigeons, 'Fuck off pigeons!', so back in i go and access the situation, only to see little booths, that you can lock yourself into and surf the Internet, with tissues everywhere.

A chick from Limerick, the first of many people i was to meet that day

Now, for a guy for me, that grew up in Ireland, which i did, there could only be 2 explanations, everybody was watching funerals online or they were watching some seriously dodgy shit

Needless to say, i felt compelled to walk into a store and ask a youthful working in the 'normal-er' part of the XXX shop if there was Internet for 'normal' people, which there was and i went, but i didn't end up meeting my friends from Jervis bay.

Such as life, but i still had a good time with who ever happened to be there. Ok?

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