Saturday, 12 February 2011

Adelaide was all too normal and i wasn't expecting that, really.

Nick Cave + his band Grinderman

So, there were other things to see at the Adelaide big day out, Nick Cave as you can see was rocking out, which he always does, he was good, as he always does, and i never heard him live until i saw him at the Roskilder festival 2 years ago in Denmark.

The band with all the guts, Airburne

Well, i've already told yu about this band, do i need to tell you any more? Non? (thats a French word, i'm trying to entertainand educate the masses, i know i'm failing on both counts, but god loves a tryier!)

What can i say, i wanted to be in those beats and rifts and i did too!!

Nowm, the thing about the festival was to buy beer, you needed to buy tokens, each token was $3.50, for a beer it was 2 tolkens, for a pre mixed drink it was 3. Towards the end you didn't care about tolkens, here's all my tokens, gimmie drinking and the funny thing was when it was all over you'd scratch your head and wonder
'Where the feckin hell did all my money go? Did it just evaporate?

Soon to be ledgends!!

Getting to know the locals a bit better, in the V tent? Is V really for Very good?

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