Friday, 11 February 2011

Airbourne and me

Well, i think Slash summed up the band Airbourne by saying
'They are from another planet'

Which of course they are, well the lead singer anyways, but what planet you might ask? Where, why can the pee-pol in NASA see this planet, is it a sign of the times, things to come, i don't really know, all i know is they are the saviours of Rock and Roll!!!

Now, picture this, if you will, i was first introduced to this 'Super group'? Was through a guy called Matt Clohessy, it's an Irish name and he used to pronounce it as Clo-hesey, which is totally wrong, but on with the story.

It was about 7 or 8 years ago and he used to bang on about this band, then one fine Saturday there was an 8 page in the Good Weekend (yes 8 pages, they never do 8 pages on anybody or anything)

The 8 pages detailed all their cunning stunts they would do, while they were rehearsing as in , just as someone would drive by, they would pretend to punch someone (the someone would be a dummy and the person driving past would think they had just witnessed a murder)

Yep, it's Rock and Roll we are talking about here, exciting stuff to watch, if you've paid your money and your up the front, if you were retired and going down the bowls club, it's understanding how a group of 'long hairs' from Whale watching town could test your (depleted) levels of endurance.

Since i never bothered to check the program, or print it out, i was quietly surprised to see they were playing, myself and Dave caught the show and what a show, they gave exactly what it says on the tin.

Their tour banner says 'No guts, no glory', well it took a lot of guts to do what they did.

Their crimes against civilization and common decency entailed:
  1. Climbing the huge scaffolding to the side of the stage and playing a guitar solo at the top
  2. Addressing people in the far off stands as 'Hey you fuckers in the stand, get up!!'
  3. Starting a mosh-pit
  4. Throwing beers at the audience
  5. Opening beers by banging the cans against his head and then throwing them at the crowd
  6. Referred to Adelaide as 'Rat-aleide'
  7. Drank a bottle of red wine and said 'South Australia, keep it cheap' (it's more funny that an actual crime, everybody laughed)
To name, just a few things, i've actually met the band at the Pyramid rock festival, about 8 years ago, i asked the lead singer what he was taking on stage, for he was like animal demented, he told me he was totally about the music.

I've never seen anything totally about anything like that, except maybe 'Animal Planet'?

He also told me his grand-father was sent to Australia for 'Stealing shit'

Airbourne was the highlight of the festival, they should have head lined it, it was exactly what i expected, crazy, brilliant and very exciting stuff!! sum it all up, they basically tore Adelaide a new asshole

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