Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fantasy V Reality, it's time to roll with the punches

Photo is from a Cork nurse that was protesting about slave labour rates to be introduced for nurses in Ireland, the sign says it all

Right now, in Kierans 'perfect world', i would be waiting for a flight that will be departing Melbourne to KL in Malaysia, hanging out for the weekend, off to Japan for a month, then back to KL for some shopping, back to Ireland, say hello, take in a few sights of Berlin, back to Ireland, Roskilder festival and back to Melbourne, home sweet home.

Thats Fantasy, here's the real low down.

Australia told me 'Kieran, if you go walk about again, you walk out that door, dont ever come back, yeah hear!'

Jennifer and myself at St Kilda festival, we met at the Rainbow Serpent!

After hearing all kinds of stories from Immigration, i.e. come back in the 3rd of Feb, then it was come back in the 30th of August or make a special application to go.

I made a special application, i was told i could come back and get a visa on the 9th of March, than i asked about the 30th of August, then it was 'Oh, yeah, 30th of August is right' (after much head scratching)
Then i was told, if i left and came back on a tourist visa, i could get a job and switch back to a resident visa.

After much scratching my head, i leave wondering how that could be right, it's only taken me 11 years of extreme ups and downs to be here, i leave.

(Musical interlude, the friendly fires essential mix i am listening to has bird sounds mixed in, so perfect, i run out on the balcony to see if there is that bird digging the music, but alas, no bird, just some bird lover in some studio in the UK being creative, but it would have been cool!!! )

James posing, with stage prop

Remember the story about the Rainbow serpent folks? As told by James from Rainbow Serpent
You have the ups and downs, you learn your lessons and then the magic happens
Dig this!

I go to go home, to Richmond. Then i thought i'd go and have a $4 Pizza for dick heads, the old Punters club, now AKA Bimbos.

So i call in to Gypsy bar and talk to Tan, Tan is originally from Vietnam, she lived in Italy for a bit, and now she is here on a bridging visa, trying to stay here, she's spent a lot, we start chatting.I tell her,
'I dont feel comfortable with what Immigration told me, i want to talk to an Immigration lawyer'
Tan says
'Talk to my lawyer'
Later i call, he calls me back, he gives me the low down, if i go i could never come back, i would be gone, as soon as you can get citizenship, get it, they are changing all the laws again, it's going to get much harder.

You cant get the 457 visa's too easy either, that's the visa i would have went to from a tourist visa, the stepping stone, i was on that stepping stone for years, it was like being on the Titanic.

Fancy footwork with King Nicholas on the Beach, I later went swimming and why the hell not? I'm nearly 34 years of age, i can do what i want!

Basically, i was told a load of crap by immigration, probably because the guy wanted to go on a tea break, it will never happen again.

I will apply for citizenship just before Christmas, you can apply online, it's too easy, it's streamlined and comes through in 6 weeks, so this is the plan.

So, Japan has eluded me again, by the time i get the Citizenship and if i'm single (it hasn't been a big deal so far, it off to Brazil for me) i can feel it building up in me, i need to go back!
It will be like 'Brazil, do you remember me, yes? I've changed, now i'm all Australian'
Now, i'm in Perth, looking out on to a balcony, couch surfing, listening to 'Friendly fires' on the BBC Essential mix, oh yeah and it's going to be 31c today.

Sunset, with Tim Finn from Crowed house, playing in the back ground, it was amazing

Australia, i'm going nowhere, but i am in the most remote city in the world, and next week i'll be off 8 hours in to the desert to see the Auntie.

Melbourne, i will be back in about a month, get ready!!!

Two of the biggest trippers i know, my kind of people!!

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