Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's my birthday every day, and today even more so!!

The closest thing to Jack Kerouac's, 'On the road' as it gets!

I have to write about the road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie, it's my birthday today (the real today is Sunday, but thank gowd for Blogger scheduled posting's, it' coming to you today!)

So, while in Perth, i was thinking how i might get from Perth to Kalgoorlie, the last time i finished off a half bottle of Vodka, with a little coke (the soft drink) to taste and stuck my thumb out on the road and hey presto 12 hours later i got there, there being 800 kms away from where i originally set off and what an adventure that was! But thats another story!

Me thinks,  i could never be that lucky again, so i hit up gumtree.com.au and posted a request for a rideshare to Kalgoorlie, about an hour later a guy called Jason called and it was on, we were all set for the following Friday afternoon @ 2.30 we were going to be off!!

Jason, turns up about around 4pm, no problems, we were off. The first problem was Kalgoorlie is North east, we passed a sign that said Bunbury, it's where my ex is from, and if i distinctly remember it's south of Perth, my brain says
'Kieran, this is a problem, we are going South!'
The route we took Perth > Narrogin > Kalgoorlie

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As it turned out, we were taking a 300 kms detour to point B 'Narrogin' to pick up a German chick 'Lara' working on a farm, all with the help of a Samsung mobile phone on Jasons lap, directing the way. There is no excuse in being lost ever again, technology is here to save the day!

But before that, we pulled in to use the toilet, i saw someone drinking a beer and i thought
'Thats a great idea, i'll have one for the road, maybe 2, it's a long road after all!'
Now, did you know the road from Perth to Kalgoorlie is the heaviest policed road in Australia? It's probably little wonder since the road is one big rainbow with a bottomless pit of gold at the end and other stuff too, but not for the environment, sorry mother nature, you lost that little war and battle.


Interesting enough a guy called 'Paddy Hannan' from Clare, was the first guy to discover gold here, i met his great grand daughter one night in Melbourne, he was Australia's first Leprechaun!

So, we get pulled over by the highway patrol, i finish my beer, put the bottle under the seat, 2 cops are out with 2 guns and a stun gun, it was clear these guys are ready for anything!

So they ask Jason for his licence, he hasnt got it, he forgot his wallet on the train, the car is searched, bags, the boot, the engine is inspected, there is a bit of a leak somewhere or something?

The cops were nice enough, it was clear to me, that since Jason wasn't wearing shoes, that would have been the first thing, you cant drive in bare feet in Australia, you must wear shoes. I'm saying nothing.

Jason doesn't care, he was planning on being in Adelaide, in South Australia by the cop got out of bed in the morning and the cop couldn't touch him there.

As it turns out, Jason was on a Learners permit, one of the cop is checking out all Jason's details, since i know as much about him, as anybody could know about knowing someone for 1 hour, i'm not hoping he's not wanted for anything!

The cop tells him he cant drive, if he wants to drive he must be accompanied by a driver with a West Australian license, i have a Victorian license, the cops tell me i must drive and they hop back in their car and go motoring back the highway, they were just doing their job and they were going to be calling him the next day and more....

Jason doesn't look to worried, i've had 2 beers by this stage, i'm beginning to look worried about this driving business and Jason hops back in the drivers seat and before long we are off again. The first rule with hitching a lift according to Dave Sedaris is 'You agree with everything the driver says', and i wasn't going to argue this one

It made me laugh, this was after all the wild west, they do their own thing over here, the law, who cares!!!

Whats on the menu in Kalgoorlie?

We go through some amazing scenery, the sun set was amazing, this was country i have never seen in Australia and i was completely un prepared for it all, after all i was supposed to be eating Sushi in Japan and here i was eating Watermelon and stopping for a few beers ever few 100 kms and it was great!!!

So great in fact, more road trips will need to be undertaken, in fact i will be driving Steve to Perth for a few days and back to Kalgoorlie for when he gets his cataract removed, well it's something!!

Now some mining info
If it wasn't for all the mining going on here, the economy of Australia would be comparable to New Zealand, many years the people of Western Australia tried to break away from Australia

Feeling a bit tense, try this place!

An interesting story about water to Kalgoorlie, the guy that designed and built the water system from Perth C. Y O'Conner committed as he thought his plan didn't work, when in fact it did, just goes to show all you have to do sometimes is hold on, or just go down to Hay's st and get laid

Check out more goldfield photos here

What a trip!!

I got in at around 2am and now i feel the need to head up north and see a little bit more of this state, Western Australia, it grows on you an i cant say no, and why should i?

It's like it's my birthday every day in Australia, every day is a holiday...bitches!!!

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