Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Oscar, the man they call 'Lopez'

Are you a cat lover?
I had a strange request a while back, it was 'Kieran, when am i going to be on your blog', a strange request, i will admit that, and since it hasn't happened very often, it might not happen again, why not bite the bullet and do this, it might never happen again and if your reading it, it will always be here.

Well, i think i was first introduced to Oscar, through Dave, Waterford Dave.

Dave had old housemates, the old housemates moved out before he had the chance to move out and restore his sanity, they moved out, sanity was restored, it was time for a 'New guy' to move in and shake things up a little.

The cat walk was in full swing at 71 Bendigo st

Enter El SeƱor Lopez, part time Mexican, part time Australian, full time wanna be gangster rapper, tough guy, Ballet dancer, i walk the walk (but in who's shoes?)

Everything is dramatised, with this guy, from the moment he wakes up, till when he sleeps, you might feel boring or even a bit tired just looking at him.

Half the time, you might wonder, 'I never thought i could reinact scenes from the Lion King, exactly 10 minutes from waking from my slumber', but now i do, maybe that was the reason i was supposed to meet this fellow, for he is more cartoon character than human, if that is humanly possible? Is it?

Now you can imagine, if you can. Oscar moving in, with Waterford Dave, it would never work, it would be like chalk and cheese, in a chalk and cheese salad, the chef's special.

It was like a pot that was left to boil and boil it did, it boiled over, tempers were cooled, they started again and now it's all happy family's, now life is perfect in the house, and there has been a few additions, me for one, a French couch surfer and an English bird that's looking forward to going to Mc Donalds on Valentines day with me, i'm bringing Nadia too.

If i'm paying, i'm keeping all the happy meal toys, but this is Oscars story, so lets keep the story straight.

Speaking of straight, Oscars 'old' girlfriend (that i can remember, that's met me before, that remembers me) is coming back (minus one cat with a urinary tract infection) which is strange, very strange, if you've met the guy.

A high point in my life?
But back to the urinary tract infection, that's what the story is about, isn't it? Well all i know about those 'types' of infections is, you get them, if your a female (are you learning a little bit more about the cat pee-pol?)
Well you get them if you've consumated love, done the deed, gotten laid or even faked an orgasms, so what does that tell you about the cat? Or anything, maybe the cat needs to be educated?
Time will tell, pee-pol.


Oscar, i hope this is what you wanted

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