Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pssst, wanna hear a crazy story?

Hello folks, i would like to tell you briefly one of my experiences with the universe, at Rainbow Serpent and since Rainbow Serpent, which i think i worth telling and defiantly worth remembering, ok?

So, i noticed i had a few extra people 'like' my blog from the face book app, to your right, so i had a bit of a look see, to see what i could see, see, sea?

It turns out, Navi, the ring leader of the Ballarat crew that basically adopted me at the Rainbow Serpent festival checked out my blog.

  • So, i added him as a freind, to which he accepted
  • I had a look through his friends and added 'King Nicholas', who lives in St Kilda
  • Nicholas invites me around to his for the St Kilda festivities, you cant drink on the street, big fines, but everybody does anyways
  • James Rocks up, I'm looking at him trying to figure out where i met him, then it clicks, i tell him i've been thinking about his 'choice' words since he said them and the booking i'm reading explains everything  i've been thinking about
  • James was the guy that told me about the meaning of Rainbow Serpent, you can apply this to anything you do in your life (except wanking or maybe especially wanking?) 
You have the ups and downs, you learn your lessons and the magic happens!

  • Some one gave me a 'Special' sticker on the dance floor on the Monday afternoon dance party, i gave it to some chick, she gave it to someone else and it came back to me.
  • I gave the sticker to James when i met him, he ended up giving it to Navi
  • Navi is driving around Ballarat with this sticker on his dash board.
  • James never know i knew Navi, but he does now, we are one
  • This is the name of the book i bought for Tegan (that Brooke can read on the weekends)

Now, I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor of a sitting room in Richmond, i will too when i go back, but only for a bit

  • I helped Nadia and Rachel bring their car to a mechanic in Fitzroy last Saturday
  • While we waited i went to a shop that sold books and started looking at books, funny eh?
  • I picked up a book and i flicked through it, i saw the word 'transformation' and my brain said, thats it!! It was a book called 'The way of the Wizard' by  Deepak Chopra, he basically explains everything that i've been feeling in this book.
  • I tell James in King Nicholas and Jennifer's apartment on Sunday, James says 'I'm reading the same book
  • Unbelievable, later we went and watched 'Tijuana cartel', had a blast, we went to the beach, i went swimming, we went on the 'Sling shot', i told Nicholas he was going to be shot into outer space faster than he was shot out of his old mans balls, was i right? 
  • We went on nature walks, James and Jennifer were climbing a tree
  • Nicholas and James were doing chants to the universe
  • Cops came by to see what state we were in, we were feeling great, lying on some kind of 'Sponge grass', you could kip there easily and work on your moon tan
  • The moon was amazing, everything was, it was like i was at Rainbow again and i kinda was?
  • There was fire twirling action going on
  • We jumped from the path on to the beach and rolling (maybe i am a stunt man after all?)
  • They were jumping from concrete pillars, one kid that could do it didn't want to risk it as he said he might damage his teeth, he said 

'Chicks dont like kissing guys with no teeth, i dont know why?', a fine point, maybe it's one for the great minds of our time?
Nicholas and Jennifer go on the slingshot 

 The next day, i realized, there are certain kinds of people i need to be around, the inner wizard in me needs this, what an awesome day, with really enlightened people!

I go, with a guy called Tony

And the night wasn't over there.....later James told me he used to skate board.

This is the next calling for me, i want to skate, James said he would show me, was this whole experience  a process to reveal James the Skate board teacher? I could have been, i'm thinking?

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