Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Some people hear voices... Some see invisible people... Others have no imagination whatsoever.

Salve, Marc, Ryan (AKA Pretty boy) and more mo-hawk than a mo- fo, Me 

Couch surfers after spending quality time learning stuff in the Immigration museum in Don two's, one of my favourite restaurants in the world, after Don Don's, and i've heard tell there is a Don three's in South Melbourne and i will get there too.....'s?

So, the delima hits me, as always about now, when i'm another 30 years older (if i even get that far, it might be dementia, if i'm lucky) it hits me, what the hell do i do now?
What will i write about? Write about what you know. One Korean Chick i met in northern Chile told me
'Kieran, i know your travel style, your Free style'
And i kinda like that analogy for i dont really know what the Fu*k i'm doing, but i hope i will capture the moment, so Kieran in the future with Dementia will go
'Oh yeah, now i get it, what the Fu*k am i on about again?' 
Exactly, so lets start here, shall we?

Ok, so i'm going to Japan and yet again, it's a bloody good job haven't left yes, and i would like to thank the Australian Immigration again in their supreme knowledge for stopping me and maybe the universe, universal pictures, no!

Why? Because the more i talk to people, the more info i get about places like Japan, i called into see a couch surfer in Fitzroy North the other day and she was telling me about the travel passes you can only buy OUTSIDE of Japan and she sent me a message offering me her Japan Lonely Planet guide book.

Even though the writers for Lonely Planet are a bunch of dorks and i wouldn't believe anything they tell me, i like the books they churn out, more than the other books other travel companies publish, and i got it for $3 at a garage sale, gave it to a guy going to Japan to teach English his name is Damo, now he doesn't think he will be going, with all the people abandoning ship in Ireland and getting out any way they can and they are, in floods, we had the floods too, maybe this is like a reverse monsoon?

Damo didn't really want it and i EVENTUALLY got it back, eventually, so the book has done a fair bit of travelling already, hell, that book has actually been to Japan, why wouldn't i believe anything in it, it HAS to know more than me, after all i am free styling here folks, who are you going to believe ?
(and it has pretty pictures!!!)

The believable choices are,
A: A book that has been spellchecked by a bunch of Dorks or 
B: A bunch of words strung together like a 'Pasta necklace' (it has become a theme for this entry, like it?) in the hope that someone will get some sort of pleasure, sort of? Do you even like pasta?

So anyways one of the things i learnt from Couch surfer Eliza was to get this pass, STA travel will sell me one, according to their website.

But they probably buy it down the road from where i can buy it, oh yeah, i can buy it there too and save about $150, so i think i'll go there myself, thanks STA travel, i haven't even talked to you guys yet (thank god) and i hope i never will!

Other news,i got books from the Library, one of which was Paulo Coelho, Zahir, it took me all of until half way through to decide he was jacking me around, this was in the library and i had the thought of David Sedaris, who is absolute legend, in my mind, oh to glimpse in to a mind like David Sedaris would be a wonderful thing, since i'm couch surfing in my mates Dave's place and his house mate Oscar isn't far off of what David Sedaris is, a tax payer probably being another one, it's the breadth of fresh air that i need, in between the odd cigarette or 2.

David Sedaris

 Eat all your pasta or you could end up like this guy

As promised a pasta necklace? Or did you think i was joking?

Can he be serious, your probably thinking?
[Right align this for the dorks that are too cool to look at porn]

The sculpture is of Morgante, Cosimo I's favourite dwarf sitting astride a very unhappy looking turtle. I said, "No more pasta, please!"

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