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There is something about Tegan (Part 1)

Photos are from the St Kilda Festival
Jennifer King Nicholas and myself

So it was Valentines day, i promises i would bring Rachel and Nadia to Mac Donalds, it being Valentines day, romance was in the air and, i rightly pointed out, if i brought chicks out, it would double my chances, but as anybody knows, a little maths lesson:
2 * 0= 0, or maybe the logic was lost on me?
And what were the chances? God knows, but it sounded good, if not memorable.

So, knowing all this, i booked my flight on a Tuesday, the day after Valentines day, and the Sunday before was St Kilda festival.

So, the girls were in town, the other 'kind', introducing Tegan and Brooke, they are 2 chicks i met in Bolivia, i had Tegans number and i'm sure she had my number the first time we all met, not that would have been too difficult? Since we met in the Wild rover, in La Paz, Bolivia. If you were there, i dont need to say any more.

So, Tegan and Brooke were going to the festival, i was too, texting  ensued, and before long we are making commitments to meet up, i text them telling i was in the front of the Espy, everybody knows where it is, it's only the most famous bar in Australia, Tegan is telling me she is in some tent, then in some toilets, lots of noise going on, i thought i was speaking English, the Queens English to be specific, which is funny because i wasn't understanding a word, had we evolved that much since we last met?

In from of the Espy, everybody was there

'In front of the Espy, cross over the walkway, the folk stage on the beach side'
That's what some random chick tells Tegan, some guy tells her the same thing, in English too!! It goes on and on, she's wearing pink or something, maybe clothes? And then she says, maybe on the 6th phone call 'Flemington' and i'm like 'Thats the other festival, 15 kms away', surprised? We were separated by 15 kms of madness, but who was i to complain?

I read recently:
'The distance between each atom vibrating on a minute level is the same distance between the earth and the sun'
Maybe 15 kms wasn't too great a distance after all?

I saw this guy standing next to a church

But i digress....
Whats even more surprising is that no one at that festival did not know the Espy? Kids today, Gen Y
 is surely going to hell for their ignorance.

So, 24 hours pass and i go to meet the girls in Northcote and i can, only because i promised happy meals the week before to 2 other girls, the 2 girls that i helped bring a car to Fitzroy on the Saturday are you still with me?

You gotta shake what yo mamma gave you!

The Saturday while waiting for some man covered in grease to check out Nadia and Rachel's car, i went for a walk and i bought a few books, the story's here.

I also bought 'We are one' (remember this title) a Lonely Planet picture book, something told me to get it, i normally wouldn't, but since Christmas, i haven't been too distracted by news, news papers, iPods and all the distractions i see other people engaging in, not that they are any way engaged, oh and of course the sights and sounds of nature, i am becoming more and more aware of the universe, it's like it's talking to me and the book 'Way of the Wizard' outlines all this, coincidences? They are not!!

Myself and James from Rainbow serpent

Some Wizard lessons:
The appearance of limitation arises because this world is a school, or a training ground and hte basic rule here is, however you see yourself, so you see the world
This separate person you seem to be talking to, isn't separate, we are one and at that level that we are one, non of your problems exist 
How interesting?

I bought a Lonely Planet book for Ireland, it has pictures and words for a friend of a friend, Tara, who can read ...words and who is going to Ireland, she was supposed to be going to my sisters wedding with me, now that i cant go (due to immigration party poopers!) , i hope she will, she will be less trouble than me and maybe she'll sing a little song, wouldn't it be nice?

After all she is going to London to launch her career, what better way to do it, some random wedding, maybe she will get noticed and picked up and maybe she might sing a little song too? Nice?

Jennifer and myself, us?

Back to the story......
The book 'The way of the wizard' found me , i bought other books and now i've found good homes for them,  it's funny with 'Lonely planet', the one of the lessons from the 'Way of the wizard', is:
 You are never lonely when you use , 'Us' or 'We', and you are when you use 'I', 'Me' or 'You'
Interesting? Just reprogram your mind with some simple little words
So, i eventually met the dynamic due in Northcote the day after the 'Festivals', they snuck up on me like Colombian assassins, minus the motorbike, gun and bullet to the head.

Polite greeting's were exchanged and the party was relocated to Brunswick st, i cycled, they tramed it, on the way i met my neighbor Kate and a beer was offered? How could i say no? I saw a doctor about my foot and hand infection the previous day, he said,
'Your immunion system is low, take a multi vitamin tablet you will be better in a few days'
I took plenty of multi vitamin tablets, it wasn't getting better, in fact it was getting worse, to be a bit more specific.

Now for a real doctor, Dr Flash

Before long Dr Falsh was licking my feet and i'm having a beer, i was told it would be good as the enzymes from a dogs saliva is good for infections, he seemed to know more than the first doctor, what could possibly go wrong? The beer ws not good for the foot, but how could i say no?

The foot, better it was not getting.

I eventually met the 2 girls, after they got lost in my instructions, and they had lunch, while i waited in from to Gypsy bar.

We moved the party on again to the Veggie bar, when it came to order i asked the girl for something different, as i always have the Mexican Burrito, while i complemented her apron, i uttered something like.
Me: 'Is that apron yours or is it from the restaurant?'
Waitress: 'It's mine'
Me: 'It looks very homely' 
Which it did, it like she was out the back baking cookies, she was going to get me something different, then i got what i always get, The Mexican burrito, which was kick ass!!

A homely apron 

But i tried, may be the universe wanted me to eat that burrito and be happy, something which i was glad to do.
But if you don't ask for what you want, you'll always get what you don't want, except i was fortunate to get something that i always like. But i'm wondering, is there anything on that menu that could be disliked?

And i did like the apron, too bad the chick in the apron disliked my approval? Why did she wear it in the first place? Now i wonder if that chick could bake cookies? I guess i'll never know, did i tell you i like Tim Tams?

I like Tim tams so much i don't know why you would be want to get flour all in your hair, floor and celling. Plus have your mom coming home and screaming at you to bake cookies?

So you see, she must be good! That apron was piratically her uniform as to say
'I bake cookies and i don't care what my mom thinks!'
A ghetto baker of cookies and I'm a bit of a cookie monster, all kinds please!!

This could have been me in a past life

Tegan and Brooke want to start a new business, she told me her mom said she should be a prostitute, now i dont know if you know this, this is a very Aussie thing, i mean, for a mom to say something like that.

I told Tegan her mom must have a very good sense of humor or she is very honest.

Which is funny, in Ireland, the last person to find out anything is your mom, in Australia, your mom is the first, i had to laugh and there is no way an Irish mom would say anything like that, without dying from a flying fork related injury.

I had to laugh, then we went for ice-creams and to look at some Fitzroy secrets.....

 To be contiued..........

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