Saturday, 26 February 2011

There's something about Tegan (Part 2)

Videos are from the St Kilda festival

Where i left you in part 1 of this story, myself Booke and Tegan were hanging out on Brunswick st, Brooke wanted a bike, my friend Kate with the shop on Brunswick st had the exact one (in my mind anyways) going for a song at $69, but by the time we made it there, it was all gone, it was a buyers market that day and we were late.

More carving going on here than a butchers shop!

Never to fear, the next window was the star attraction anyways, it has been for the past few months, people have been dripping their secrets in the letter box and the occupants to the house (attached to the letter box, obviously) have been posting them on their window.

I'm there 4 times, but whos counting, right?

All the photos are from a window on Brunswick st, Fitzroy North, around the corner from where i used to live

I have photos from the last window, instructions on what to do when 'Ninja camel in helicopters invade', really good advice!!! I found it really helpful!!

The only thing left to do after reading the secrets (some of which i posted here) was to go for really cheap ice cream in La Porchetta, Rathdown st, ice cream in a cone as big as your head for $2,50, Mamma Mia!!!

On the way over we passe through the park where Michelle and myself met Bonzo and the place his owner called 'the spot', which was more like a pit or maybe his downfall.

You see, if you sell pot in a kids park, in North Carlton, with cashed up, university educated white parents that have read all the books on breast feeding and nurturing their baby, the last thing they want their little 'Cedric' or 'Emma louise' viewing is pot deals by a guy that thinks having a dog is the perfect cover?

We're cool, we've got ice creams in our pockets!!

The parents in turn will have visions of the place turning in to something out of 'Boys in da hood', with drive by shootings and pimps giving hookers crack to keep them under control!

 No, that had to be nipped in the bud, now the last dog in the world you will see in that park is Bonzo, no sir, he's gone and cleaned up his act, his owner has been moved along to a different spot too, one with iron bars for windows.

Sounds airy eh, you can almost feel a breeze?

Eventually, we go the ice creams, photos were taken, for historic purposes, of course. I made a promise to the girls, of course that when i convert to being Muslim, i would take both of them as wives, but we would have to get another 3 (after April 2nd i will be divorced offically, so then we can take it up to 4, until then, the rules are the rules people!!)

By the time the ice cream was all over, it after 6pm, had the day flown by that fast? And there was still the original date of Mac Donalds to keep!

For years Mac Donalds has sold a promise to Australia, i failed in my promise, but the girls didn't seem too upset, but that's love for you, it comes in a bag, with a little toy and then you ......hold on, what am i on about again?

Before i left Tegan and Brooke, Tegan told me that she thought she would never see me again, Brooke said she knew she would, if this were a points game, that would be an extra 10 points to Brooke, maybe Brooke is in touch with the universe too?

Off we went in our differnt ways and what an enjoyable afternoon it was, in an area i truly thought i would not see again until August, when i was due to be back from Europe.

 Every time i go back to Fitzroy, i get something i dont get anywhere in Melbourne, i feel it every time!!!

My only regret, was not singing this to the girls as they walked away.....
The Angles, 'Am i ever gonna see your face again'

That would have been puff-fect!!!


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